Thoughtful Thursday

This page is dedicated for the thoughts of Tanaya, Kiaina and Akeda also known as 3 the hard way. They will be sharing their thoughts with you on varies different topics, or you can even submit topics that you want them to talk about via email ( Whenever something comes to mind they will let you know their thoughts on it. The blog post will be posted whenever the 3 ladies have something to say.  Whenever they come up with some thoughtful advice, best believe you will be the first to know 🙂 .


Hey ya’ll. My name is Tanaya Cardenales, Creator and President of Built by Flaws and also an Afro-Latina. I attend Connecticut College and I am majoring in Economics and Africana Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. My goal in life is to continue to find self love and self acceptance and help other young women of color to find their self love.


Hello everyone. I am Kiaina, Vice President of Built by Flaws , and I attend Brandeis University. My main goal in life is to be happy, and that means I want to be more than satisfied with anything that I do in life no matter what others say. I do believe in trying to grow and to glow every single day no matter what.

IMG_6372.jpegHey I’m Akeda ,Creative Director of Built by Flaws, and I attend Boston College. My aspirations in life include embracing the young woman I am with limitless confidence and simply sharing love. Life is too short to waste your time not loving yourself, so my goal is just to enjoy life surrounded by other motivators and influential people. Live. Laugh. Love.