Don’t Stop,Won’t Stop. 

This summer I decided it was time to refocus myself to start treating my mind, body and soul correctly as I was before. As I began to refocus on getting back on track to the healthy lifestyle, I realized I wasn’t being my best at it. 

Something very tragic happened to me within my family and it was a wake up call to actually tone in and focus myself. I began to prep my meals which consisted of more healthy food choices, I cut out lots of junk foods and dedicated some of my time to the gym. 

As time progress, my mind, body and soul felt energized and refreshed. I felt and feel this way because I am feeding my mind, body and soul with greatness to get see great results. 

During this process and still to this day, I have had one of my best friends help me with this process to refocus myself and to dedicate myself to the lifestyle of being healthy and treating my mind, body and soul as the temples they are. In order for you to feel great and to look great, you have to put in the work. 

Put that work in and trust me you will see amazing goals ! 

Entry: Tanaya  

Girl ! Get it Together.


I have a serious problem ya’ll ! I continue to allow people that do not need to be in my life, come back into my life. I allow them to not only toy with my emotions, but I allow myself to toy with my own emotions.

When you let someone go, LET THEM GO ! You are only hurting yourself over and over again. You are also allowing the person to think that it is okay to come back and forth whenever they want to.


Entry: Tanaya

And SO ?! I feel real Damn good About Myself

You stay taking pictures…PICTURES 


Y’all know that Kehlani song Jealous ? Well listen to it if you haven’t,  but she was speaking facts in that whole album!!

Dudes really out here thinking that they can keep doing stupidness and then win us back by making us jealous…🙃 Nah we good! Stay over there. All summer 2017 we letting them go ya’ll👏🏾 because in all honesty we don’t need them or the stress that comes with them.


If I’m keeping it 100 percent real with ya’ll my entire mentality about men has been altered as my confidence, self love, and glo- up continues to flourish. I have no time for games, so I let them know from the beginning clear intentions. Sometimes they take it the wrong way and other times they love the honesty.


So ladies this is your time to do what you want and stunt ! Send that poppin’ a** photo, ignore that text message, talk to who you wanna talk to.


Entry : Akeda 


Never slip up ! Let them know how much of a baddie you are . 

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Make Your Own

create.jpgThroughout life people have always told me to take the opportunities that come my way, but no one ever said that if they don’t come your way make your own.

For the last 3 years, I have been placing myself in certain places and situation to allow myself to create opportunities for me even though one did not come my way.

This summer I reached out to my former principal at my school asking if I could teach Summer School. The opportunity of working at my former high school was not presented to me, but I did create the space for myself to ask.

Even though she did not need me at the specific location, she provided me with information to contact another high school in our branch to see if they needed someone to teach a course.

Just like that I created an opportunity for myself !

It’s very easy. Just know that even when an internship, meeting or whatever it is , isn’t presented to you, put yourself out there to create that opportunity to be on the next episode of a podcast, be featured on a blog, or even go on a date with your crush ! Don’t be afraid of a no because a no will just open up other doors of opportunities that you created for you!

Entry: Tanaya

Cherish the Moments

Being that my summer break from school started back in May, I have been taking my time to cherish the moments with the people I love the most. Throughout the school, I found myself focused on school and keeping myself focus, but I was not connecting or contacting the people that mean the most to me. Maybe that is why I had such a hard semester because I was isolating myself trying to deal with everything alone rather than reaching out. Anyway, this summer I plan to take every moment to deeply connect with someone I love truly. We never know when our last day on the world will come.tenor.gif

Take in the moments as if it were your last. Do NOT hold grudges or angry in for someone that is dear to your heart. Tell them that you love them every chance that you can get. Invite them to events with you. Sit down with them and ask them how they are doing. Listen rather than talking. We tend to talk about our problems and not listen to others. They maybe going through the same thing as you, but want to be asked rather than telling it themselves.

Be thoughtful about how you spend your time with your love ones.

Entry : Tanaya

My Horoscope Has Been On Point

Alright ya’ll so I am a very spiritual person. The energy and vibes of others create a certain energy for me. If I am feeling negative vibes, best believe I will be out.


I learned the I cannot function around negative people. It just isn’t my life style. Being that I am all spiritual and stuff. I started reading up on my horoscope. ( Thanks to my BFF Kiaina). For the last few days, it has literally been telling me that I need to take a stance with my emotions and my passions because people are ready to listen. It also has been telling me that my past relationships with people are going to reappear so do not be shock about it. It wants me to stand up to the past and let it know what exactly I want. Girl, let me tell you how much these past few days have been. It’s scary to know that some random person writing these blurbs on my horoscope knows the vibes and energy of my life.

The thoughtfulness of this post is not to become spiritual or read up on your horoscope every single day. This post is about standing up for what you believe because people are listening even though you think they are not and also dealing with your past that is trying to re-enter your life. Sometimes my goals for BBF is super high, but I also create small goals for myself and I have to be realistic sometimes as well. I can’t compare my success with anyone else’s because everyone measure their success so differently. Regardless on if I think I am not making a change, a change is happening and it’s impacting someone. Moreover, don’t be rude or nasty about past situations, try to be open on why they are re-entering your life. However, if you left certain relationships in the past, tell yourself why they were left in the past and how much you have grown from not having them in your life. Most importantly, think about how positive and vibrant your life has been by dropping off bad vibes that drained your aura.

June 21st Horoscope : Today is an excellent day to say exactly how you feel, Aquarius. Your thinking is sharp and clear. Once you start talking, you may never stop. People will listen extra carefully to your words. You have a great deal of influence, so realize how much impact you have on the environment. You will be able to accomplish a lot.

June 22nd Horoscope : Be aggressive with your thoughts today, Aquarius. You might feel a bit emotionally detached. You will most certainly want your freedom. Spend some time alone to sort things out. An ex from years ago might appear on your doorstep, so don’t be too surprised when he or she shows up. Take a nonjudgmental attitude toward everything you encounter.

P.S. I read these mid-day or after my day is over. Sometimes I feel like reading them at the start of your day well actually set the tone of how your day plays out. You may even put yourself in certain situations that makes this horoscope occur. 

Entry: Tanaya 


They Tried ME, but the Blessings Still Came

So as I go into my senior year of college, I have come to the realization that I will soon be a real adult lol. As in like working a 9-5, paying bills and taking all the responsilbiites that my mom has been dealing with for the last 21 years. Anyway, being that it is summer and all. Yoga-better-person-1.-patient.gifMy school has encouraged me to get an internship that focuses on my major or passion, and most importantly an internship that can give me a permeant job when I graduate. I found an internship that focuses heavily on my passion of empowering young women of color, but lord they tested my patience.

Throughout the process of getting this internship, there were many signs that told me that it was not the fit for me. I ignored the signs because I really wanted to be apart of an internship that stood for what I loved most. However, I realized that my happiness for the job was slowly dripping away. I figured out it would be best to drop the internship and find another internship that interest me. Ignoring signs are sometimes not good because those signs tend to know what is best for you. Sometimes the things you love will come to you, but it may not be good for you or your happiness. I am proud to say that I found another internships that fulfills my passion of helping young women succeed in life.


Thoughtfulness: When you feel like something is not for you, let it go. Your time will come around and when it does it will come with greatness.

Entry: Tanaya