Ain’t nothing like my sistah’s

Can we take a moment and appreciate all our friends that aren’t our biological sisters, but are our SISTERS !

I adore and admire my sister, Tanya. She is my best friend, and my second mother. Whenever I need her, she’s right there. She always assures me and never makes me question her stance in life. She’s my sister but the things she does for me is not because she is my sister. What she does for me shows she general cares for me.

So obviously when it comes to having girl friends, I have high expectations because of my sister. Let me tell you my sister friends are the shit. They hold me down like I’m there biological sister. It’s so great that we as women are blessed with these types of relationships.

This post is for my sister and all my sister friends ! I love ya deeply and ya mean everything to me. I have been in many situations where at least one of you or all of you have helped me get out of. Words cannot really explain how much I love ya so much 💕

Entry : Tanaya 


The Come Back Though


giphy.gifSo for two weeks, my weight has been playing with me, but I take full responsibility of it. To be honest with ya, I haven’t been going to the gym due to school work, but that is not an excuse. I even been eating junk food and I know I ain’t right for that.


In order for me to see progression, I must keep focus and not create excuses for my actions. No change is going to come if I keep falling back to my old ways. Don’t worry though, your girl has come to her senses and I am refocused and the grind is about to be real. I will work towards my goal until I reach it. And once I reach it, another goal will be made.

Thoughtfulness of this post is that never let anything side track you from getting or achieving a goal that is for YOU. Don’t cheat yourself from greatness.

Entry: Tanaya 

BE Spontaneous.

So i’ve been thinking….how many times a month do I say “What if” or “I shoulda”…

Like if you honestly think about it, you have probably said something similar to those words so many times in the last month. BUT. What if you had just done it? What if you had just lived in the moment and done that “What if” thing? Sometimes we all get into our own heads are hesitate before acting. I mean I get it some of us need a second to think, but what if we all began being just A LIL unapologetic. 

Don’t apologize for doing what you want, when you want or how you want. Being spontaneous sometimes can ease the mind. It can also force you to do all the things you always say “iMMA Do”, but know damn well you won’t. Wake up in the morning and make a split decision to be happy or make that weekend trip. Afterwards you will realize how good it felt to just do something out of the blue.

Imagine looking back and instead of saying “Damn I shoulda went” you can say “Damn I have to go again!” Listen Beautiful people, life is to short, stay responsible, but live spontaneously.


Entry: Akeda.

Take it all in 

Last week, my sister friend’s, Ashley, #comesis video and realized all the truth she was speaking.

The video focuses on five tips to a break up. The five tips are focused on accepting the process of going through a breakup but most importantly how to get over a break up. You will have to watch the video to see the Five Tips.

I know as a woman I struggle with break ups because I don’t know how to accept the process for what it is.

The thoughtfulness of this Thursday is to allow oneself to be vulnerable because you have emotions. In order for you to learn how to deal with your emotions you must express them.

Entry : Tanaya 

Sisters, We Alright.

Sisters_insta_0.pngThis summer I vowed to myself to read some books that will allow me to self-reflect on who I am as an Afro-Latina woman.

One of the books that I read this summer was The Sisters are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America. 

Before actually digging deep into the chapters, the author Tamara Winfrey Harris puts a preface with a beautiful poem that is for all black women that is inclusive because as we know there isn’t just one image or group of black women. Black women are diverse and beautiful.

I highly recommend this book to everyone because it shows a difference in the community of black women. This book allowed me to be vulnerable, mad, sad, happy and every emotion you can possible think of to be honest with you. 

The thoughtfulness of today is for all my black beautiful queens and allies to these queens 👸🏾 to be open and accepting . Praise yourself and others for all they do . Don’t be self centered. There are so many different types of black women out her doing their thing and don’t get acknowledged for it.  

To all my queens I dedicated this post to you 💕


I love black women.

I love the Baptist church mothers in white.

I love the YouTube twerkers.

I love the sisters with Ivy League degrees and the ones with GEDs.

I love the big mamas, ma’dears, and aunties.

I love the loc-wearing sisters who smell like shea butter.

I love the ladies of the “Divine Nine.”

I love the “bad bitches” in designer pumps and premium lacefronts.

I love the girls who jumped double Dutch and played hopscotch.

I love the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo chanters, the seekers, and the atheists.

I love the awkward black girls and the quirky black girls and the black girls who listen to punk.

I love the “standing at the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop” ’round the way girls.

Black womanhood—with its unique histories and experiences—marks its possessors as something special.

I love black women, and I want the world to love black women, too.

Entry : Tanaya 

Don’t Stop,Won’t Stop. 

This summer I decided it was time to refocus myself to start treating my mind, body and soul correctly as I was before. As I began to refocus on getting back on track to the healthy lifestyle, I realized I wasn’t being my best at it. 

Something very tragic happened to me within my family and it was a wake up call to actually tone in and focus myself. I began to prep my meals which consisted of more healthy food choices, I cut out lots of junk foods and dedicated some of my time to the gym. 

As time progress, my mind, body and soul felt energized and refreshed. I felt and feel this way because I am feeding my mind, body and soul with greatness to get see great results. 

During this process and still to this day, I have had one of my best friends help me with this process to refocus myself and to dedicate myself to the lifestyle of being healthy and treating my mind, body and soul as the temples they are. In order for you to feel great and to look great, you have to put in the work. 

Put that work in and trust me you will see amazing goals ! 

Entry: Tanaya  

Girl ! Get it Together.


I have a serious problem ya’ll ! I continue to allow people that do not need to be in my life, come back into my life. I allow them to not only toy with my emotions, but I allow myself to toy with my own emotions.

When you let someone go, LET THEM GO ! You are only hurting yourself over and over again. You are also allowing the person to think that it is okay to come back and forth whenever they want to.


Entry: Tanaya