So Broken Yet So Fixable!


Tanya Cardenales is a mom to a five year old, a student, a manager, and so much more. Tanya has come to realized that her self worth is a flaw of hers.

In the mist of growing up and becoming a mom she lost Tanya. She lost her sense of being her. She became a MOM and forgot who she was prior to that. She felt the need to live up to the standards of  what society thought deemed a mom to be. She feared  the judgement she might receive from family and friends. She consistently found herself in situations where she was not comfortable. She just seek validation and acceptance from others. Tanya feels trapped in a comfort zone by chance not demand. Tanya blames herself 100% for putting others before herself. Tanya is beginning to think for herself, and no longer second guess her initial thoughts. Tanya now does things that will make her happy and also beginning to realize that she matters too. She is a mom, but she is also a woman named Tanya before anything.

Tanya’s Advice 

Live for YOU ! You are most important it becomes very hard to please other when you can not even please yourself. If the love from your family and friends is REAL they will love you no matter what choices you make. Society don’t worry about them they sometime don’t even notice you or what you doing. It’s all mental when you believe society is judging you.

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Phenomenally women. That’s us!


Shakira Orani is an 19 year old attending her second year of university. She is specifically studying mechanical engineering. Shakira lives in Italy, but her mother is Dominican and her father is a half German and a half Italian. She has two sisters that are both older than her (27, 25 y/o).

Shakira disliked everything about herself, her thick legs, her height, her nose, her hair, at one point in her life.

Shakira thought that these were flaws because of the society she  lived in. She thought that her legs were too thick because society told her that her legs had to be like Kate Moss’ legs. She thought that she was too high (1, 72 m) because society told her that for a girl is not good to be too much taller than a male. Shakira thought that her nose was too big because society told her that it had to be like Angelina Jolie’s nose. Shakira thought that her hair was ‘too much’ because society told her that straight hair is the best.

Over time Shakira has accepted her “flaws”.  It’s incredibile to say that, thanks to social network, especially Instagram. Shakira states that on Instagram there are a lot of pages that are dedicated to black beauty. When she discovered the pages, she noticed that she had a lot in common with the beautiful and confident ladies she saw in the pictures, so she told  herself  they consider themselves beautiful Why don’t I?. So Shakira learned that her flaws where virtues and she started to enhance them! She also had points of reference such as Beyonce or Rihanna that helped her to accept herself.

Shakira’s Advice

I have 19 years I’m not good at giving advice but I can say to them one thing. Don’t let anyone tell you what’s beautiful or not and mostly DON’T let them influence your mind! I have one last advice…transform your flaws in virtues!

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Happiness is a Butterfly


Roslyn Henley is a 22 years old born and raised in Philadelphia. Roslyn graduated from Philadelphia military academy in June 2013 with her diploma. She recently graduated from Neumann University with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in Communications with a 3.5 GPA. She works closely with the American Red-Cross. The American Red-Cross was introduced to her 8 years ago when she was a freshman in high school. Roslyn first started off as a red-cross club member/volunteer, to a camp counselor and now a camp coordinator. She has worked in retail, red-cross camp, red-cross volunteer department as a recruiter(intern), the city of Philadelphia parks and recreation, and service representation at Neumann University help desk.  Roslyn loves to do makeup and hair which is her passions. Her dream job is to work in a big corporation as the human resources director. She will be going back to school this August 2017 to purse a Masters degree in MBA/ Human resources. She also wants to be in the media for doing celebrities makeup and hair.

Roslyn’s flaws are her stomach, and stretch marks. Growing up she has also been a plus size girl. Her main issue was her stomach. When she goes shopping and tries on clothes, she would feel discouraged and unhappy. Dresses never seemed to look right on her.

As a new year resolution for 2017, Roslyn planned on losing weight on her own. She has lost 30 pounds in three months which is amazing. She even started to take her health more seriously because no one was going to do it for her, so she had to do it on her own. Roslyn learned to look in the mirror and say you are beautiful, no matter how dark you are, or how big you are, and if you want change then change it.

unnamed.pngRoslyn’s Advice

Never give up. set yourself a goal and make sure you put some effort into it every week. so if your flaw is your weight. first set a goal on how much weight you want to lose. so each week set yourself a goal to lose 2-3 pounds. Dont get on a scale each week because when you don’t see a change then you will give up.
Have faith in yourself, pray to God and ask him to help you through your struggles and to get to your success.

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I LOVE the skin I’m in ❤️


FullSizeRender.jpgShekinah Washington is an upcoming artist born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida ⛅️🌴 . She is aspiring to inspire other woman of all shapes and colors to express themselves through the art.

Shekinah’s flaw is body image and being a plus size lady. As a little girl, she was teased by others for her size. The teasing took a toll on her, but she then realized how beautiful she is. She vowed to herself to not let the words or judgements effect her in loving herself.

Shekinah’s Advice

Wake up every morning and remind yourself that you ARE beautiful. Admire your unique body shape.

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Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness

unnamed-5.jpgGrowing up and transitioning from a child to a teenager was rough on Kayla Priester. As the only child, she spent a lot of time by herself. Kayla chose to go to an all girls middle school because she thought it would be fun and give her a chance to make new friends. The three years she spent in middle school had been the toughest years of  her life so far. Kayla says this  because she did not have a sense of self as of yet, and she had no idea what kind of people she would surround herself with. She later learned how important self love was. During those long and hard three years, she struggled. Girls who she considered to be her friends would pick on her and bully her, constantly. They would say mean things about her and her appearance that cause Kayla to become very insecure and depressed. Kayla allowed what people said to get into her head, which led to her not sticking up for herself. Leaving middle school and going into high school, she wanted a new start. However, she was timid, insecure and unconfident. Kayla was not the outgoing and optimistic person she once was. She allowed her struggles to change her on the inside.

For a long time, she believed her greatest flaw was her kindness. Kayla allowed people to hurt her because she was so kind. For years, she struggled with accepting her appearance and personality until she realized there’s nothing she could do to change herself. As she began to accept herself and explore herself, she realized that she wouldn’t want to be anyone else, despite everything she had been through.

Kayla made a complete lifestyle audit by surrounding herself with people more like her and removing everything and everyone toxic to her growth. Kayla now dedicates a great amount of time practicing self-love and care. She began by reflecting on herself through journaling and art. From there, Kayla has gained a greater sense of self and have been the happiest she has ever been.

Kayla’s Advice

My advice for a young lady going through this may sound easier said than done but it’s the only way I was able to get through everything. Throughout struggles, it’s important to remain hopeful, although it may seem impossible. With the right attitude thinge can turn around for anyone. There has been plenty of times where  I’ve felt stuck in a dark pit. Despite all the pain I was in, I focused on better days and wrote to myself in journals. Thats what pushed me to move forward. Now that I am here, and things are much better for me, I am thankful for my positive attitude. However, nothing is perfect and I still have days where I feel insecure and or sad. My advice to anyone who has days like this would be, to release all of that energy. I learned that keeping feelings inside of you is what hurts you the most. I often times write in my journal, and even when I don’t have a bad day, I respond to prompts like “I deserve to be loved because….” to keep my spirits up. Art could also be an outlet, whether its Visual Arts or Performance Arts. Lastly, whether its pampering or a detox of negative energies, its extremely important to look within yourself. Become comfortable with yourself and explore.  Sometimes you are the person holding yourself back. 
Check out Kayla’s Slide Show that she presented in school to a group of people. The presentation gives one different activities to help one self-reflect and also provides questions to ask yourself to have a positive and understanding feedback session with yourself.

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Self Love: Mind, Body And Spirit

unnamed-2.jpgNifemi Olugbemiga is from Chicago and attends Connecticut College. She is the currently Co-chair of Umoja, the black student union. Her hobbies include: writing poetry, singing, dancing.

Nifemi’s  flaw is not knowing how to love herself and accepting all her flaws. This causes her mind, body, and spirit to suffer . She has based everything about herself on things she has seen. For example, people, tv, media which has gotten worst over the years. Nifemi has always brushed it to the side, but now it’s has become something that is affecting how she interacts with other people and so much more. It is also just more draining that actuallying LOVING myself. But somehow she has always chosen the hard route.

This is her flaw because it constantly on her mind. Nifemi always self aware. But not in a good way. She has learned how to act when people are around, to hide how she is really feeling. She has always presented herself as happy and willing to work on anything, but herself. She has always been the one to make people laugh and act a fool, but it’s all a cover from just letting people know that she actually feels like she’s drowning. This is her flaw because sometimes she looks in the mirror and all she can do is cry, because she has not  able to just accept me. And that is not healthy for any part of her.

unnamed.jpgNifemi decided that it was time for her to take control on her Mind, Body and spirit. She has created a Instagram for people to follow her journey as she tries to essentially re-create herself. She needed to do this because it will keep her accountable and it reminds her that she is not alone on her journey. She is also a current coach for Beach Body. And all that is, is that she displays her workout and eating journey and progress and in exchange she gets paid and have access to all the workouts for free, for example: Insanity, P90x, E.t.c. It’s like a way to encourage herself. On this journey she has temporarily deleted her Snapchat and all of the beauty pages on Instagram she use to follow. Because some things that have discouraged her a lot of times are things she has seen and what has been defined as love and beauty. These pages are not realist or encouraging to someone like her. Also let yourself go, sometimes we love to be in control on everything but and that can be a problem. For instance I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to this journey I’m on, I don’t have a schedule I don’t have a planned activity that I do at anytime of the day or week besides my workout shcedule but I love it. This is the first time in a long time that I don’t feel like I’m drowning. Let yourself be!

Nifemi’s Advice

I would say that what this organization stands for. Remember that we are all built by flaws. There are some you have you embrace and there are some that you can also change, either way it will take time and you should allowing the process to be what it is: slow. I will also say, surround yourself with a good people who care about you as well as your growth. And are willing to be a source of encouragement on your journey, because it isn’t something you can do alone.

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Live what you love


unnamed-2.jpgBriana is from the Bronx, but she is currently living in Upstate New York. She is in love with making art and she also collects tons or crystals and minerals. She is in high school and she plans on attending culinary school. She wants to travel to Japan and to love there for five years, so she can study Japanese cuisine.

Brian’s flaw is being antisocial. It makes it hard for her to make friends. She is learning to accept her flaw by embracing the things she loves like crystals and art and focusing on those things instead. When she meets people with the same interest, she began to open up and create friendships. unnamed.jpg

Brian’s Advice

There’s more to life then making friends but once you come to love yourself true friends will soon follow

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