Queenin’ : Liv

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Liv is just an amazing person who is inspired by the concept of love. From the concept of love, Liv created a lifestyle for herself that provided her with the space of loving herself. With this lifestyle, she realized that she could be her own inspiration. With her inspiration from herself, she decided to pursue her dream of changing the defintion of beauty and inspire other women to love themselves. Liv created and produced  a short documentary titled “SHE IS BEAUTIFUL”. She also holds inner beauty events to encourage women to fall in love with their selves.

Liv became a youtube, “LiveNaturallyLove”,to illustrate visual forms of self-love and also is a blogger, “Liveinlovewithyou.com “, where she writes articles devoted to her mission. In addition, Liv has created amazing shea butter that is smooth and beautiful. Be sure to check that out.

Thank you so much Liv for being amazing and creating a space for women to be true to themselves.

Be sure to follow Liv on all her social networks. You don’t want to miss out on all the amazingness that she does.

Instagram: @livenaturallylove and @liveinlovewithyou  // Website: Live in Love with You  // Youtube: Live Naturally Love 


A Journey Back to Me


Karre Brown is from Long Island, NY and is the owner of  K’marie Hair Company. Karre has realized that she is flawed due to her depression, PTSD and anxiety. She has always had depression, but she was not diagnosed until 2015. She allowed the abuses of her past to convince her that she was not worthy of living.

These are her flaws because they hinder her from being her best self. Karre’s anxiety keeps her from participating in lots of life’s activities. Her depression keeps her in bed and also causes her to eat her into sickness. Her PTSD causes her to be in a room with other people and feel totally disconnected.

Karre does not know if she has completely accepted her flaws, but she have accepted God and God has given her the comfort to face each flaw that she has.

Karre’s Advice

Stand Still! When life feels like it’s falling apart, allow it to fall apart. Do nothing. Sometimes God has a way of sitting us down so that we can be still & hear him. There’s to much chaos & confusion trying to be a bulldozer. Let God open you up & doors will open for you.

Instagram: @kmariehaircompany , and @ajourneybacktome



Ain’t nothing like my sistah’s

Can we take a moment and appreciate all our friends that aren’t our biological sisters, but are our SISTERS !

I adore and admire my sister, Tanya. She is my best friend, and my second mother. Whenever I need her, she’s right there. She always assures me and never makes me question her stance in life. She’s my sister but the things she does for me is not because she is my sister. What she does for me shows she general cares for me.

So obviously when it comes to having girl friends, I have high expectations because of my sister. Let me tell you my sister friends are the shit. They hold me down like I’m there biological sister. It’s so great that we as women are blessed with these types of relationships.

This post is for my sister and all my sister friends ! I love ya deeply and ya mean everything to me. I have been in many situations where at least one of you or all of you have helped me get out of. Words cannot really explain how much I love ya so much 💕

Entry : Tanaya 

Queenin’: Kayla

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The Queen of the Week goes to the one and only Kay Hardy !

Kay Hardy was born in the early 90’s in Harlem, NY. Kay Hardy discovered her purpose and most therapeutic form of self-expression at a young age. At that very young age, Kay began to draw and paint concepts that were ( and still are) inspired by pain, love, struggle, and most importantly growth.

Kay has honored her skills into an uplifting, artistic brand and painting style that evokes the spirits of self-love, women empowerment and urban cultural progression.  Her creativity and imagination has connected her to the worlds of fashion design, computer graphics, music branding and so much more.

With the world at her finger tips and a future as bright as her vibrant color schemes, Kay Hardy is making marks on the art world’s canvas that can never be erased.

Thank you Kay for all the amazingness and using the work of art to express self love for women of color.

Be sure to follow Kay on her social media outlets . You don’t want to miss out on all the amazingness that she does.

Instagram: @_artofhardy  Website: ArtofHardyKay


Queenin’ : Marielle

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This weeks Queenin’ Honor goes to the creator of The Brazen Empress blog, Marielle. Marielle is a New York City residents that lives in Washington Heights, who is a visionary, writer, and motivational speaker.

Marielle provides an outlet on her blog by providing content about loving ones and take caring of oneself, but she also provides a space for artist and writers to submit their work for the world to see. We honor Marielle this week as a Queen because she takes pride in her work, but she also creates a space for other people’s work to be seen. She has a big heart and cares so much about the well-being of others.

Thank you Marielle for showing people  that nothing can stop them for chasing their dreams! Girl keep Queenin’ and glowing!

Be sure to follow Marielle on her social media outlets . You don’t want to miss out on all the amazingness that she does.

Instagram: @thebrazenempress // Blog : The Brazen Empress 

The Come Back Though


giphy.gifSo for two weeks, my weight has been playing with me, but I take full responsibility of it. To be honest with ya, I haven’t been going to the gym due to school work, but that is not an excuse. I even been eating junk food and I know I ain’t right for that.


In order for me to see progression, I must keep focus and not create excuses for my actions. No change is going to come if I keep falling back to my old ways. Don’t worry though, your girl has come to her senses and I am refocused and the grind is about to be real. I will work towards my goal until I reach it. And once I reach it, another goal will be made.

Thoughtfulness of this post is that never let anything side track you from getting or achieving a goal that is for YOU. Don’t cheat yourself from greatness.

Entry: Tanaya 

Queenin’: Jenay

it's your day! To Be Honored.pngLet’s give up for our sister Jenay for being our Queen of the Week.

We want to tell you about all the greatness that Jenay presents and bring to Afro-Latina world.

Jenay is a New Yorker, but went out to the city of Chicago to receive a bachelors of arts at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in Multimedia Magazine Editing and Writing. With her amazing degree and her passion to inspire Afro-Latina women, she has created a blog to create a community for Afro-Latinas.

Oh yes and did we mention that Jenay has been published in the following publications: Amsterdam News, Latina Voices, Chicago Talks and The Wanderer. She even  interned for two publications respectively, Amsterdam News and Latina voices she was able to establish her voice in her writing.

Jenay even partnered up with us to host a vision board event to help all young women of color plan out their goals. Jenay inspires young women of color every single day to be themselves and to love themselves. She is a beautiful Queen because she provides a space for our Queens to see their worth.

Thank you so much Jenay for being amazing and creating a space for Afro-Latinas to be true to themselves.

Be sure to follow Jenay on all her social networks. You don’t want to miss out on all the amazingness that she does.

IG: @jenaymeetsworld  & @hashtagiamenough // Website: #IAMENOUGH