Don’t Stop,Won’t Stop. 

This summer I decided it was time to refocus myself to start treating my mind, body and soul correctly as I was before. As I began to refocus on getting back on track to the healthy lifestyle, I realized I wasn’t being my best at it. 

Something very tragic happened to me within my family and it was a wake up call to actually tone in and focus myself. I began to prep my meals which consisted of more healthy food choices, I cut out lots of junk foods and dedicated some of my time to the gym. 

As time progress, my mind, body and soul felt energized and refreshed. I felt and feel this way because I am feeding my mind, body and soul with greatness to get see great results. 

During this process and still to this day, I have had one of my best friends help me with this process to refocus myself and to dedicate myself to the lifestyle of being healthy and treating my mind, body and soul as the temples they are. In order for you to feel great and to look great, you have to put in the work. 

Put that work in and trust me you will see amazing goals ! 

Entry: Tanaya  

Queenin’: Talaya

it's your day! To Be Honored.pngWelcome to our Queen to be Honored ! These post will be dedicated to honoring a young woman of color out there doing her thang ! We tend to honor famous women on the daily, but tend to forget the women that we see on a day to day bases.

Today we will like to honor Talaya  for being such a confident hard working young woman out there grinding to achieve her dream.  Talaya just gradated from SUNY Oneonate with a bachelors in mass communication. Talaya has taken her amazing talents and confidence to the Youtube world by hosting her own youtube channel and also teaming up with her best friend Kenya on a shared Youtube channel. Not only does Talaya no how to put her mass communication talents to work, she also knows how to put her talents of slaying to work as well by beating her face on the regular, creating beautiful wigs, and rocking her natural hairstyles.

Talaya has been a great representation for all young women of color to love themselves and to stay dedicated to who they are and not allow anyone to shy them away to be something or someone else.

Thank you Talaya for being such a beautiful and vibration Queen. Girl keep Queenin’  glowing!

Be sure to follow Talaya on all her social networks. You don’t want to miss out on all the amazingness that she does.

IG : @yesihavebigb00bs // FB: laylay Mariee // Youtube: Laylay Mariee &  KenLay Offical

Happiness is a Butterfly


Roslyn Henley is a 22 years old born and raised in Philadelphia. Roslyn graduated from Philadelphia military academy in June 2013 with her diploma. She recently graduated from Neumann University with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in Communications with a 3.5 GPA. She works closely with the American Red-Cross. The American Red-Cross was introduced to her 8 years ago when she was a freshman in high school. Roslyn first started off as a red-cross club member/volunteer, to a camp counselor and now a camp coordinator. She has worked in retail, red-cross camp, red-cross volunteer department as a recruiter(intern), the city of Philadelphia parks and recreation, and service representation at Neumann University help desk.  Roslyn loves to do makeup and hair which is her passions. Her dream job is to work in a big corporation as the human resources director. She will be going back to school this August 2017 to purse a Masters degree in MBA/ Human resources. She also wants to be in the media for doing celebrities makeup and hair.

Roslyn’s flaws are her stomach, and stretch marks. Growing up she has also been a plus size girl. Her main issue was her stomach. When she goes shopping and tries on clothes, she would feel discouraged and unhappy. Dresses never seemed to look right on her.

As a new year resolution for 2017, Roslyn planned on losing weight on her own. She has lost 30 pounds in three months which is amazing. She even started to take her health more seriously because no one was going to do it for her, so she had to do it on her own. Roslyn learned to look in the mirror and say you are beautiful, no matter how dark you are, or how big you are, and if you want change then change it.

unnamed.pngRoslyn’s Advice

Never give up. set yourself a goal and make sure you put some effort into it every week. so if your flaw is your weight. first set a goal on how much weight you want to lose. so each week set yourself a goal to lose 2-3 pounds. Dont get on a scale each week because when you don’t see a change then you will give up.
Have faith in yourself, pray to God and ask him to help you through your struggles and to get to your success.

Instagram: @Itsaboutmudda

Youtube: Mudda love

I LOVE the skin I’m in ❤️


FullSizeRender.jpgShekinah Washington is an upcoming artist born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida ⛅️🌴 . She is aspiring to inspire other woman of all shapes and colors to express themselves through the art.

Shekinah’s flaw is body image and being a plus size lady. As a little girl, she was teased by others for her size. The teasing took a toll on her, but she then realized how beautiful she is. She vowed to herself to not let the words or judgements effect her in loving herself.

Shekinah’s Advice

Wake up every morning and remind yourself that you ARE beautiful. Admire your unique body shape.

Instagram: @beautimekonne



Let me Tell you How GREAT you are ! 

In order for our community of women support to grow, we all have to learn how to uplift each other with positive messages. Positivity pushes people especially women to keep going. Not everyday do we have women complimenting women. 

The BBF girl Chat dedicated our discussion to shouting out some beautiful women that have been working and grinding this whole summer. We also have a shout out to women who are just amazing beings. 

My aunt has always been my trooper. She made sure my education choice was a good choice and even as an independent women my aunt makea sure to still give me healthy advice. Me and my mom will always go thru hell and back but a mother is a mother and ain’t a women alive that could take her place .

Kiaina has been grinding this summer. She found herself a job in NYC and have been getting them hours. More importantly, she has been working on herself as a young woman. She has been finding her space in this world so she can be able to give back to others. 

Akeda has been killing her YouTube channel. This summer she realized how much she wanted to share her amazing talent of doing make up with the world. She also has great story times that will have you crying. She is grinding and stepping up to show the world who she is.

Ashley, It was amazing to see my friend presenting her beautiful art of being a host. When going to her event it all seemed so natural and eye catching. I was so happy that I could take part in her passion. I just was so happy like it was me lol. 
Honestly, I would like to shoutout myself. I am a student currently applying to medical school. & basically being the only person in my family or black female I know to ever attempt to go to medical school, I find myself turning to google & just learning to figure everything out by myself. I would just like to pat myself on the back for not giving up because I have definitely been discouraged numerous times when I didn’t know what I was doing. But I just keep going. I didn’t wanna be selfish, but yeah. 

Skye is my long time best friend. This summer we have reconnected our friendship and it’s been amazing. It has been so beautiful to see how much she is willing to give back to her community to make it a better place for the younger generation. Growth and humbleness is vibrating off of her 💕

Ivy ! Girl you are killing the game left and freaking right. I am so happy that I have had the chance to see your growth. I love the series Iconic and trust me it’s going places I swear it is💕 keep grinding and don’t stop

Shout out someone you know or don’t know who’s grinding this summer !

Girl ! Get it Together.


I have a serious problem ya’ll ! I continue to allow people that do not need to be in my life, come back into my life. I allow them to not only toy with my emotions, but I allow myself to toy with my own emotions.

When you let someone go, LET THEM GO ! You are only hurting yourself over and over again. You are also allowing the person to think that it is okay to come back and forth whenever they want to.


Entry: Tanaya

Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness

unnamed-5.jpgGrowing up and transitioning from a child to a teenager was rough on Kayla Priester. As the only child, she spent a lot of time by herself. Kayla chose to go to an all girls middle school because she thought it would be fun and give her a chance to make new friends. The three years she spent in middle school had been the toughest years of  her life so far. Kayla says this  because she did not have a sense of self as of yet, and she had no idea what kind of people she would surround herself with. She later learned how important self love was. During those long and hard three years, she struggled. Girls who she considered to be her friends would pick on her and bully her, constantly. They would say mean things about her and her appearance that cause Kayla to become very insecure and depressed. Kayla allowed what people said to get into her head, which led to her not sticking up for herself. Leaving middle school and going into high school, she wanted a new start. However, she was timid, insecure and unconfident. Kayla was not the outgoing and optimistic person she once was. She allowed her struggles to change her on the inside.

For a long time, she believed her greatest flaw was her kindness. Kayla allowed people to hurt her because she was so kind. For years, she struggled with accepting her appearance and personality until she realized there’s nothing she could do to change herself. As she began to accept herself and explore herself, she realized that she wouldn’t want to be anyone else, despite everything she had been through.

Kayla made a complete lifestyle audit by surrounding herself with people more like her and removing everything and everyone toxic to her growth. Kayla now dedicates a great amount of time practicing self-love and care. She began by reflecting on herself through journaling and art. From there, Kayla has gained a greater sense of self and have been the happiest she has ever been.

Kayla’s Advice

My advice for a young lady going through this may sound easier said than done but it’s the only way I was able to get through everything. Throughout struggles, it’s important to remain hopeful, although it may seem impossible. With the right attitude thinge can turn around for anyone. There has been plenty of times where  I’ve felt stuck in a dark pit. Despite all the pain I was in, I focused on better days and wrote to myself in journals. Thats what pushed me to move forward. Now that I am here, and things are much better for me, I am thankful for my positive attitude. However, nothing is perfect and I still have days where I feel insecure and or sad. My advice to anyone who has days like this would be, to release all of that energy. I learned that keeping feelings inside of you is what hurts you the most. I often times write in my journal, and even when I don’t have a bad day, I respond to prompts like “I deserve to be loved because….” to keep my spirits up. Art could also be an outlet, whether its Visual Arts or Performance Arts. Lastly, whether its pampering or a detox of negative energies, its extremely important to look within yourself. Become comfortable with yourself and explore.  Sometimes you are the person holding yourself back. 
Check out Kayla’s Slide Show that she presented in school to a group of people. The presentation gives one different activities to help one self-reflect and also provides questions to ask yourself to have a positive and understanding feedback session with yourself.

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