Happiness is a Butterfly


Roslyn Henley is a 22 years old born and raised in Philadelphia. Roslyn graduated from Philadelphia military academy in June 2013 with her diploma. She recently graduated from Neumann University with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in Communications with a 3.5 GPA. She works closely with the American Red-Cross. The American Red-Cross was introduced to her 8 years ago when she was a freshman in high school. Roslyn first started off as a red-cross club member/volunteer, to a camp counselor and now a camp coordinator. She has worked in retail, red-cross camp, red-cross volunteer department as a recruiter(intern), the city of Philadelphia parks and recreation, and service representation at Neumann University help desk.  Roslyn loves to do makeup and hair which is her passions. Her dream job is to work in a big corporation as the human resources director. She will be going back to school this August 2017 to purse a Masters degree in MBA/ Human resources. She also wants to be in the media for doing celebrities makeup and hair.

Roslyn’s flaws are her stomach, and stretch marks. Growing up she has also been a plus size girl. Her main issue was her stomach. When she goes shopping and tries on clothes, she would feel discouraged and unhappy. Dresses never seemed to look right on her.

As a new year resolution for 2017, Roslyn planned on losing weight on her own. She has lost 30 pounds in three months which is amazing. She even started to take her health more seriously because no one was going to do it for her, so she had to do it on her own. Roslyn learned to look in the mirror and say you are beautiful, no matter how dark you are, or how big you are, and if you want change then change it.

unnamed.pngRoslyn’s Advice

Never give up. set yourself a goal and make sure you put some effort into it every week. so if your flaw is your weight. first set a goal on how much weight you want to lose. so each week set yourself a goal to lose 2-3 pounds. Dont get on a scale each week because when you don’t see a change then you will give up.
Have faith in yourself, pray to God and ask him to help you through your struggles and to get to your success.

Instagram: @Itsaboutmudda

Youtube: Mudda love


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