Let me Tell you How GREAT you are ! 

In order for our community of women support to grow, we all have to learn how to uplift each other with positive messages. Positivity pushes people especially women to keep going. Not everyday do we have women complimenting women. 

The BBF girl Chat dedicated our discussion to shouting out some beautiful women that have been working and grinding this whole summer. We also have a shout out to women who are just amazing beings. 

My aunt has always been my trooper. She made sure my education choice was a good choice and even as an independent women my aunt makea sure to still give me healthy advice. Me and my mom will always go thru hell and back but a mother is a mother and ain’t a women alive that could take her place .

Kiaina has been grinding this summer. She found herself a job in NYC and have been getting them hours. More importantly, she has been working on herself as a young woman. She has been finding her space in this world so she can be able to give back to others. 

Akeda has been killing her YouTube channel. This summer she realized how much she wanted to share her amazing talent of doing make up with the world. She also has great story times that will have you crying. She is grinding and stepping up to show the world who she is.

Ashley, It was amazing to see my friend presenting her beautiful art of being a host. When going to her event it all seemed so natural and eye catching. I was so happy that I could take part in her passion. I just was so happy like it was me lol. 
Honestly, I would like to shoutout myself. I am a student currently applying to medical school. & basically being the only person in my family or black female I know to ever attempt to go to medical school, I find myself turning to google & just learning to figure everything out by myself. I would just like to pat myself on the back for not giving up because I have definitely been discouraged numerous times when I didn’t know what I was doing. But I just keep going. I didn’t wanna be selfish, but yeah. 

Skye is my long time best friend. This summer we have reconnected our friendship and it’s been amazing. It has been so beautiful to see how much she is willing to give back to her community to make it a better place for the younger generation. Growth and humbleness is vibrating off of her 💕

Ivy ! Girl you are killing the game left and freaking right. I am so happy that I have had the chance to see your growth. I love the series Iconic and trust me it’s going places I swear it is💕 keep grinding and don’t stop

Shout out someone you know or don’t know who’s grinding this summer !


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