And SO ?! I feel real Damn good About Myself

You stay taking pictures…PICTURES 


Y’all know that Kehlani song Jealous ? Well listen to it if you haven’t,  but she was speaking facts in that whole album!!

Dudes really out here thinking that they can keep doing stupidness and then win us back by making us jealous…🙃 Nah we good! Stay over there. All summer 2017 we letting them go ya’ll👏🏾 because in all honesty we don’t need them or the stress that comes with them.


If I’m keeping it 100 percent real with ya’ll my entire mentality about men has been altered as my confidence, self love, and glo- up continues to flourish. I have no time for games, so I let them know from the beginning clear intentions. Sometimes they take it the wrong way and other times they love the honesty.


So ladies this is your time to do what you want and stunt ! Send that poppin’ a** photo, ignore that text message, talk to who you wanna talk to.


Entry : Akeda 


Never slip up ! Let them know how much of a baddie you are . 

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