Self Love: Mind, Body And Spirit

unnamed-2.jpgNifemi Olugbemiga is from Chicago and attends Connecticut College. She is the currently Co-chair of Umoja, the black student union. Her hobbies include: writing poetry, singing, dancing.

Nifemi’s  flaw is not knowing how to love herself and accepting all her flaws. This causes her mind, body, and spirit to suffer . She has based everything about herself on things she has seen. For example, people, tv, media which has gotten worst over the years. Nifemi has always brushed it to the side, but now it’s has become something that is affecting how she interacts with other people and so much more. It is also just more draining that actuallying LOVING myself. But somehow she has always chosen the hard route.

This is her flaw because it constantly on her mind. Nifemi always self aware. But not in a good way. She has learned how to act when people are around, to hide how she is really feeling. She has always presented herself as happy and willing to work on anything, but herself. She has always been the one to make people laugh and act a fool, but it’s all a cover from just letting people know that she actually feels like she’s drowning. This is her flaw because sometimes she looks in the mirror and all she can do is cry, because she has not  able to just accept me. And that is not healthy for any part of her.

unnamed.jpgNifemi decided that it was time for her to take control on her Mind, Body and spirit. She has created a Instagram for people to follow her journey as she tries to essentially re-create herself. She needed to do this because it will keep her accountable and it reminds her that she is not alone on her journey. She is also a current coach for Beach Body. And all that is, is that she displays her workout and eating journey and progress and in exchange she gets paid and have access to all the workouts for free, for example: Insanity, P90x, E.t.c. It’s like a way to encourage herself. On this journey she has temporarily deleted her Snapchat and all of the beauty pages on Instagram she use to follow. Because some things that have discouraged her a lot of times are things she has seen and what has been defined as love and beauty. These pages are not realist or encouraging to someone like her. Also let yourself go, sometimes we love to be in control on everything but and that can be a problem. For instance I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to this journey I’m on, I don’t have a schedule I don’t have a planned activity that I do at anytime of the day or week besides my workout shcedule but I love it. This is the first time in a long time that I don’t feel like I’m drowning. Let yourself be!

Nifemi’s Advice

I would say that what this organization stands for. Remember that we are all built by flaws. There are some you have you embrace and there are some that you can also change, either way it will take time and you should allowing the process to be what it is: slow. I will also say, surround yourself with a good people who care about you as well as your growth. And are willing to be a source of encouragement on your journey, because it isn’t something you can do alone.

Ig: @beautifully_verified , Twitter: @brwn_svga



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