New Do’Boo

hair.gif Unlike Tasty, many of us don’t be feeling as confident when we have a new hair do because we are so use to the old hair do that we had before. However, we all have the moment where we want to jazz up our hairstyles. New hairstyles or haircuts just need to happen sometimes because it also helps you change as a person.

With new hair do’s, there has to come confidence because you are now going to look different. In order for you to love a style or cut, you have to be confident in it. Because if you aren’t you will begin to start hating your hair for what it is.

Some girls in our group chat stated

When I got my big chop I HATED it. But then I realized if I was going to go natural I have to embrace my hair at all stages. 

Last summer I did a huge chop. My hair was almost to the bottom of my back when straighten, and I cut my hair above my shoulders. I wasn’t confident in wearing my hair curly because of shrinkage, so I would always keep it straight even in the summer. It took me until fall to feel more confident in my curls because the shrinkage wasn’t as bad.

I cut my hair after being natural for like 5 years because I had a lot of heat damage. It wasn’t cut the way I wanted it, my hair had never been that short, and I just felt like my face was so exposed. I sat in bed and cried all night lol but after I let it grow out a little bit I felt so much more confident. It was the first time I couldn’t hide behind my hair so I think it kinda forced me to accept what I saw in the mirror.

I also just cut my hair this summer and I had to get used to what it looks like when its not straight because I had never cut my hair this short before. I think my friends reassurance that my afro and other hairstyles still looked great really helped me continue to love my curls like i did before.

You have to be confidence in yourself, so that you can slay that new hairstyle or haircut just like the following ladies below fill about their hair ! or Sometimes it is just faking it until you make it then you get used to it that you have no choice but to accept and love it.beyonce-curls.gifnatural-hair.gifgiphy.gif


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