Sis… you’re not always right!

unnamed-1.jpgKandis Nickole Isom is from Indianapolis IN! She is recently married and now residing in Chicago IL. She graduated with an undergrad from Ball State University with a major in Fashion Merchandising then set her heart on something more in the city of New York. She went for her graduates degree and graduated with a major in Fashion Marketing from LIM College. Fast forwarding to present day, she lives in Chicago and is currently the team leader for Topshop Topman. She also enjoys bloggings *obvi* lol, thrifting, creating, networking and eating ice cream… tons of it lol.

Kandis’ biggest flaw would have to be realizing that she is not always right! A person that would think this, isn’t open to growth or learning stunts their growth.

This is her flaw because she thinks she is opinionated. This is so weird because she loves people, talking to people and networking with people. But for some reason she has always prove that she is right in anything! It can be the smallest of things lol…  It can just goes back to her winning spirit. unnamed-3She was in the color guard and a competitive dancer growing up a
nd winning wasn’t an option. It had to be done. It has now transpired into her real actual life. It’s a great thing to have a winning spirit, but she was using this tool in a negative way.

Well she has realized it she would say. It wasn’t until college that she was very naive and not very in tune with herself. She didn’t recognize how she was coming across to other people. It wasn’t until she met her boyfriend who is now her husband and he told me straight up “you’re a know it all” . She said what!!? Whatever lol. Not long after that another friend told her Kandis you just can’t accept being wrong can you? Her friend said it jokingly, but he was serious. It was becoming a pattern… Post graduation from undergrad she dropped her “know it all” “I’m always right” mentality. Kandis became more open and able to receive even more information that she could store in her piggy bank and then spend it when the time came. She would pause and actually listen to people and ask them questions. It was beauty to actually learn!


Kandis’ Advice

Be open! There is soooooo much to learn. Always remember even when you are 1000 years old lol… you’re never too old to stop learning. Even if you have all the degrees you can always be open to receiving new insights when networking with different people. You know no ones story. Be open to them. And listen.

IG: @kandyreign


Photo Credits: Ankh Productions by Chandra Lynch.




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