Make Your Own

create.jpgThroughout life people have always told me to take the opportunities that come my way, but no one ever said that if they don’t come your way make your own.

For the last 3 years, I have been placing myself in certain places and situation to allow myself to create opportunities for me even though one did not come my way.

This summer I reached out to my former principal at my school asking if I could teach Summer School. The opportunity of working at my former high school was not presented to me, but I did create the space for myself to ask.

Even though she did not need me at the specific location, she provided me with information to contact another high school in our branch to see if they needed someone to teach a course.

Just like that I created an opportunity for myself !

It’s very easy. Just know that even when an internship, meeting or whatever it is , isn’t presented to you, put yourself out there to create that opportunity to be on the next episode of a podcast, be featured on a blog, or even go on a date with your crush ! Don’t be afraid of a no because a no will just open up other doors of opportunities that you created for you!

Entry: Tanaya


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