Cherish the Moments

Being that my summer break from school started back in May, I have been taking my time to cherish the moments with the people I love the most. Throughout the school, I found myself focused on school and keeping myself focus, but I was not connecting or contacting the people that mean the most to me. Maybe that is why I had such a hard semester because I was isolating myself trying to deal with everything alone rather than reaching out. Anyway, this summer I plan to take every moment to deeply connect with someone I love truly. We never know when our last day on the world will come.tenor.gif

Take in the moments as if it were your last. Do NOT hold grudges or angry in for someone that is dear to your heart. Tell them that you love them every chance that you can get. Invite them to events with you. Sit down with them and ask them how they are doing. Listen rather than talking. We tend to talk about our problems and not listen to others. They maybe going through the same thing as you, but want to be asked rather than telling it themselves.

Be thoughtful about how you spend your time with your love ones.

Entry : Tanaya


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