Rebuilding The Broken House

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Amber Phillips is currently a rising junior in high school. She has a strong passion for reading and writing. When Amber attends college, she wants to double major in English Language Arts and African American Studies.

Amber’s flaw is her dark skin.

She began to see her dark skin as a flaw when she entered middle school. Amber remembers kids saying disgusting jokes about her skin. They destroyed her self-confidence and self-esteem that she once had. She remembered scrubbing her skin so hard because people told her that her skin resembled dirt and all she wanted to do was scrub it off.

Amber recalls the first time she saw Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis on television. They were two BEAUTIFUL dark skin African American women who looked like HER and were breaking barriors of the media’s idea of what beauty was. Amber never seen such beauty portrayed on television before and she was overwhelmed with such joy.
The year of 2015 was the year she decided to go on her self-love journey. She was sick and tired of allowing herself to be consumed by stupidity. Amber’s family and close friends saw beauty in her dark skin and it was about time that she saw the same. Amber’s self love journey is still happening. Amber states, YES, I sometimes don’t see the beauty in my skin. But I constantly give myself positive words of encouragement and keep moving forward.This is were the title (Rebuilding The Broken House) comes into play. The House (my body and conscious) was once grand and saw great beauty within itself. But as time went on, bricks were thrown at the house (the rude comments) and the house no longer saw its beauty. Now the house is slowly repairing itself (the self love journey) to one day see its true beauty again.

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Amber’s Advice

Don’t let the media define your definition of what beauty is. Your definition of beauty begins with and within yourself. Just look in the mirror and that’s the definition of beauty.

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