Can I be both ? Do I have to choose ? Can I just be one?


Definition of religious

  1. 1:  relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity a religious person religious attitudes

  2. 2:  of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances joined a religious order

  3. 3a :  scrupulously and conscientiously faithfulb :  fervent, zealous


Definition of spiritual

  1. 1:  of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit:incorporealspiritual needs

  2. 2a:  of or relating to sacred matters spiritual songsb:  ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal spiritual authoritylords spiritual

  3. 3:  concerned with religious values

  4. 4:  related or joined in spirit our spiritual homehis spiritual heir

  5. 5a:  of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomenab:  of, relating to, or involving spiritualism:spiritualistic

Is a difference between spirituality and religion practices ? If so why or why not ? Are you more religious or spiritual?

I consider myself to be very spiritual in a sense of understanding my life and situations based off energies and vibes. I think that the certain energy you give off will be giving back to you. Also with spirituality you have a space to create your own rules and practices.

I think that I’m in the middle. I definitely go to church when I can and I follow a religion, but I also believe that energies exist and have an impact on life and motions. Like I know that I am not a strict religion only follower if that makes sense.
I believe there is a difference between spirituality and religion practices. I believe this because I believe religion is something that is placed on to you by either your peers or family. Religion is more of a social thing that is used to categorize or box a specific type of people (Catholics, Christians, Muslims, etc). Spirituality is something that I believe is more specific to the individual.
There’s a difference between the two. I consider myself to be both spiritual and religious. My family grew up southern Baptist so it something that I was taught since I was younger. Also, my grandfather was minister. However, I do not follow everything on the Bible because there are some things I still need more lessons on and some things that I question but I don’t question the power of God. I’m also open to others beliefs and relationship or lack thereof with the Lord. I agree with, spirituality is more of an individual thing.
I believe religion is a business and being spiritual is personal.
Yeah I do think Religion is organized to a common belief that people can practice together, however spirituality can be developed through religion and when that happens it becomes individualized to be a personal thing. So spirituality usually is and definitely is a personal striving depending on the person and if thats what they seek.
For sure two different things; we are spirits housed in a fleshly body so yes I’m literally and “figuratively” spiritual. Religion is the name for all of the different things people practice. I build up my spirit man by doing things based on a certain “religion” but religion isn’t why my spirituality is where it is; it’s because of a relationship. 
Has time effected current generations to become spiritual than religious ?
I’m not sure. I mean I feel like society is pressuring young ones to follow a specific religion and I don’t know many people who aren’t religious.
To be honest I think people are believing in their own theories and not focusing on spirituality or religion. I feel like some people have giving up. This new generation is so scary to me. I hope that they will one day believe in something greater this world.
I don’t think more people are becoming spiritual in a religion sense; people use all kinds of things to engage spirits and their spirituality and they feel that those things work for them and that’s what people are gravitating towards; most people don’t want to be told what to do or encouraged as far as “how they should live” which I can understand but yeah everyone isn’t running to the church house unfortunately. 
I wrote an article about this and did some research on my campus. I found that a lot of people were leaving religion and following spirituality due to consumerism and a lack of faith in politics.
Other thoughts and comments… 
Millennials (the focus subject) felt as if their parents generation was doing something wrong… Also people don’t like organized religion because it’s so structured. In this day and age, we’re more stressed about money and don’t have time to go to church. Or are too tired from the work week. Some people read the Bible on their phones for instance. I think that constitutes them as more spiritual than religious bc they aren’t following a structured bestowed on them. 
I think an obvious example is how some religious institutions look down on homosexuals or queer people. That steers people away. From personal perspective, I definitely see myself focusing on my spirituality. I read books about my religion and about the energy of the world.
I agree, there are some religions that look down on so much but yet they have people in their families or even themselves doing the same things and that’s the part that really bothers me. I think if people focused on loving God and building a relationship with God they wouldn’t find time to try to be so against ones’s life. At the end of the day We’re all God’s children and judgement should left up to no one but the Lord. I have a gent love for all people and I would never wish bad upon someone or do wrong because of a claimed religion. But I do believe some things are changing in both religion and spirituality some is good and some can definitely use improvements. 
Yeah I think people should be good and loving just to be good and loving. Not because you’re going to get into heaven… Sometimes the reason behind it all can seem so worn out and selfish.And one of the shifts is basically seeing religion for what it is and connecting more to mother Earth.
Be sure to comment below any questions, comments or concerns on this topic. 


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