Flawed, but Worth It

Caraneisha Scott is a young woman who likes to read and also working her hardest to attend college. Caraneisha is looking into activities and a job field that allows her to build things and to get her hands dirty.

Caraneisha has a flaw of anger and trust issues. She has come to a realization that she allows her anger to form words and expression that are aggressive towards others. She does not like being talked down to. Rather then thinking before she does, she does before she thinks. Her trust issues comes from the mistreatment in relationships by being cheated on and lied to.

She has accepted the fact that she has issues with her anger and trust, but she is working on her change to think before she does anything or says anything and also trusting people more. Sometimes she finds herself in a tight place because she wants to respond to people’s comments, but she walks away or stays quiet.

Caraneisha’s Advice

 Just keep a level head. I know it’s not gonna be easy, but just try if I can you can.

Instagram: @Greedii_nee.nee

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