Tribute to You 


As we all may know, yesterday was Father’s Day and NO we didn’t forget it.

We as a group came together and all did a write up about our fathers or father roles. Here are some! Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment your appreciation for your father in the comments 💕

My father means so much to me because he shows me exactly what I’m worth . Whether when he’s encouraging me or by just (for lack of better words) showing me how men ain’t shit. Like my father showing me his “ain’t shit” side and being open with me helped figure out what/who I want in life and I’ll always appreciate that honest. 

My father is so important to me because he’s one guy that I know for sure his love is unconditional and pure. 

My father means so much to me because he stepped in when my mom slacked up a little bit. He’s been my rock since I was a kid especially emotionally and educationally.

There’s not one time I don’t hear a lecture from my dad and i know its out of love & care lol so I’m grateful.

I am beyond grateful for my father. He has thought me what it is to be loved by a guy. More importantly, he showed me that I should never let down my confidence or back down from something because of my fears. 


FYI : Father’s Day is every day


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