They Tried ME, but the Blessings Still Came

So as I go into my senior year of college, I have come to the realization that I will soon be a real adult lol. As in like working a 9-5, paying bills and taking all the responsilbiites that my mom has been dealing with for the last 21 years. Anyway, being that it is summer and all. Yoga-better-person-1.-patient.gifMy school has encouraged me to get an internship that focuses on my major or passion, and most importantly an internship that can give me a permeant job when I graduate. I found an internship that focuses heavily on my passion of empowering young women of color, but lord they tested my patience.

Throughout the process of getting this internship, there were many signs that told me that it was not the fit for me. I ignored the signs because I really wanted to be apart of an internship that stood for what I loved most. However, I realized that my happiness for the job was slowly dripping away. I figured out it would be best to drop the internship and find another internship that interest me. Ignoring signs are sometimes not good because those signs tend to know what is best for you. Sometimes the things you love will come to you, but it may not be good for you or your happiness. I am proud to say that I found another internships that fulfills my passion of helping young women succeed in life.


Thoughtfulness: When you feel like something is not for you, let it go. Your time will come around and when it does it will come with greatness.

Entry: Tanaya


2 thoughts on “They Tried ME, but the Blessings Still Came

  1. Zee says:

    There are always two sides or more to the story and there were probably signs for them that you were not the best choice either. Remember, it always goes both ways and you and the org are probably better off. I just hope you handled it well, because if you didn’t, it will definitely come back to you somehow. Best of luck.


  2. jenniesisler says:

    You make a great point about listening to your sixth sense, or intuition or whatever you want to call it. Once you get stuck with something that isn’t good for you in one way or another it’s really hard to make a new path. I’m glad you found a better internship.


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