Walk With Vee on a Mission Possible


Vanity Duran graduated with her B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University. She is currently working at Florida A&M University as a Program Assistant for the university’s Office of Enrollment Management and TRIO Student Support Services. Vanity was born as a proud Dominican in Passaic, NJ and was raised in Tampa, FL.

Body issues has been Vanity’s flaw for the LONGEST. It’s interfered with trust for others, her confidences and goals.

This is her flaw because since forever, her body type has never been promoted. It’s always all about being thin or super thick and curvy, which she is neither. “I’ve worked out but then would stop.” It may even be deeper than that, but from what she knows her body issues have tortured her for years.

Depending on Vanity is feeling her acceptance of her body changes. Sometimes she accepts it and work on its, while sometimes she doesn’t accept it, but still works on it. Vanity will not give up until she sees what she likes.

Vanity’s Advice 

JUST KEEP GOING! KEEP WAKING up to go to the gym, keep eating clean. We are not alone no matter how long it takes us.

Twitter : @vanitynosin IG: @vanitynosin Website: vanityduran.com

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