Ladies, y’all cool with your man telling you what to NOT wear ?

Ladies lets get into the Girl Chat discussion today. It was a bit juicy as one of our members stated Man this is a great talk.Today our discussion was based on the the acceptance of dressing when being a girlfriend.

I know ya have saw those memes that say …

So we began to discuss if a boyfriend has the power of telling his girlfriend to wear certain outfits or styles. While some stated  that a boyfriend can say whatever he wants to say and to express his feelings toward his girlfriend, the girl is the one to decided the choice of her clothing. Others stated that a lady should known what is appropriate to represent herself and her boyfriend to show respect for themselves and the relationship.

Dressing is based on one’s style, so if your boyfriend met you in that style, he should be okay with how you dress and not try to change your style because that’s how you may express yourself.

Ladies being that we live in a pathetical society be mindful that the way you dress shows how you present yourself. Because no matter what happens, no matter how amazing we feel at the end of the day, how we dress represents how we are treated.

So ladies, we ask you If you were dressed a certain way, and your boyfriend did not like it, would you change your outfit or style for him ? Why or why not ? Does your boyfriend have a say in what you can wear ? 



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