Curls for all the Girls ❤


Aniya Dew loves theatre, public speaking and any activities that allow her to connect with an audience. However, recently, she has started a curly hair page on Instagram called Curls.Kinks.Conversations and hopes to host events within her community – Harlem – as she progresses!

Aniya’s flaws are her hair and confidence. She is learning to love her natural self day by day by installing self-love. When Aniya was younger, she always tried to change her looks to follow the trendy “look” within society. Now, she is embracing herself to show others that black girls are so magical !

She has been on a path of accepting herself by using Curls.Kinks.Conversations to get out of her shell and share her story with others. Everyone has a journey they go through and it is so comforting when you have others who can relate/you relate to.

IMG_1783.PNGAniya’s Advice

Love you! The natural you! That is how God made you and he makes no mistake! Sometimes it’s hard to embrace yourself because you may sometimes stand out or not look like what society promotes but that is okay. Promote yourself, love yourself & remember you are beautiful! And lastly you are not alone on your journey, you never are. So if you need support or a quick empowerment pep talk Curls.Kinks.Conversations is here for you! Love your curls, kinks & coils!

Instagram : @Curls.Kinks.Conversations



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