But They Cheated

First and foremost, gendered characteristics are annoying. They create a rationale or excuse for a gender to do something. I don’t agree with cheating, but what is deemed as cheating is different between each individual. Within a relationship the trust should be respected and the terms of the relationship expressed and understood. 9eff2848d9c01ab963f97f2f68bf8df4.jpgThe difference between cheating between men and women goes back to gendered characteristics…it’s not okay but society has conditioned us to believe in these “rules” that make cheating acceptable if done by a certain person.

So, many people have this idea that it’s a known fact that it’s ingrained in men to cheat. Well, we say that it is incorrect obviously. Cheating is not okay under any circumstance. There is no difference between men cheating and women cheating. Yes, everyone has their own definition of cheating, but we should not treat cheating of genders differently.

It is a known fact that people say, ” a man cheats with his penis and a women cheats with her heart”. Honestly, it does not matter if you are cheating physically, emotionally or mentally, YOU ARE CHEATING. You should never allow anyone to cheat on you whether is a man or a woman. It has become a norm to think that men will cheat and it leads to this idea of men thinking it’s okay to do it.

Of course when it comes to cheating for a woman, she becomes a hoe or some sh*t you know. It seems as if a woman won’t or cannot be forgiven for the actions she has committed. Women tend to not be forgiven because when a woman has physically cheated it shows that she has developed feelings for the person. Do you get it ? There is a great possibility that this woman can or will move on from her former partner with the new partner. While it is easy for a man to be forgiven because men can just have a physical attraction or sexual intercourse with another woman and then forget all about her. When a woman gets cheated on, she also forgives because she has a feeling that she shares a greater connection with her partner that the next woman does not. This maybe a great reason why forgiven one of cheating is different for men and women.

To end this blog post, just do not cheat no matter who you are. If you feel like you are gaining feeling or attraction for another person, speak to your partner about it. People normally cheat because there is something not present in their current relationship. Speak up and be honest.


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