A Flawed Story…


IMG_5582.JPGChelsea is an un-cut outline of what it means to be a Girl Boss. She resides in NYC and is currently a Junior at SUNY Plattsburgh who aspires to be a Publicist and Magazine Journalist. With this passion she involves herself in multiple organizations across her campus such as the Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists and Global Medical Brigades; to name a few. On her spare time, Chelsea is known for being a fashionista, Womanist, and God Fearing Woman. Many of her conversations and actions revolve around these topics. She is enthusiastic about all the personal development she will encounter within her life and career path. Which is why she yearns for change and takes initiative to stand up for what she believes in. She is a true lover and learner for all her upcoming future endeavors.

Chelsea’s biggest flaw is still not being able to see the worth of black women publicized. This is her flaw because in the world today, a plethora of black women; including herself have yet to see their worth or significance in society. Many don’t feel connected to their Black Sistas, content with themselves, or have yet to share their stories about being a Black woman in America with others.

Chelsea has accepted her flaw by realizing that she is not the only woman who feels this way and taking initiative by organizing and hosting a brunch entitled IMG_5695-1.jpg“Sippin with Sistas”, the brunch took place on April 23rd. Sippin With Sistas was an afternoon that composed of conversation, and love amongst black women. The brunch allowed black women in the Plattsburgh community the opportunity to connect with one another. Share relatable stories about their skin, hair, and personal routines. It allowed them to reclaim and Embrace their title, as “Black Women” in America, with other Sistas they may not normally interact with.

Advice from Chelsea

My advice to young women of color, struggling with this same flaw is to take pride in who you are, and what you are capable of. Produce your own stories, and remember that you are much stronger than you think and that you are capable of making a change whether in a small group or a big group. What I did in this circumstance was try to help my part of the community, before I tried to fix a whole community or the world. Meaning, that I knew there were bigger problems surfacing society, however, I also knew there were smaller ones that needed to be fixed as well. Therefore I tried to unite the black women in my school so that when all the women united there weren’t any divided fragments. I encourage all women of color to take initiative and be the change that you hope to see in the world. 

Instagram: _Chelloo, Twitter: __Chelloo, Blog: Chello 

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