Girl get Your Life 

So I know you have come across the madness of Katy Perry. Just too much. Today for our girl Chat we spoke on the craziness that has been occurring. 

Girl Chat 

I feel like honestly all white singers go through this “phase” – Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, her. 

I think she’s trying to be something she isn’t and while doing that she simultaneously appropriating…or at least in the early stages of it.

Also maybe she’s doing this as like a way to come back into media since she’s been out for a while?  

Like…why pose like that? What are you trying to emulate? NOONE else in the pic is posing like this.

It’s so annoying! I just wish white peoples would wake up sometimes 🙄

I am speaking on her actions of appropriating the hip hop culture  

She is appropriating it; but I mean it’s one thing to actually make a song and yeah be into it but you’re so extra, like it’s not natural for her 

Have a little more poise 

But her music is great to me honestly . Be loyal to your fans and continue with the music you have . Don’t try to jump on a wagon you have no clue about . Don’t try to use it to boost your career then drop it when you no longer want to take part 

The culture of hip hop is deeper than just music . It’s a life style for those who have been oppressed for so long . So to just pick up the culture for a temporary moment to bring more life to your career ain’t cool. You don’t get to pick and choose what you want . 

True you can tell she is trying too hard and it is not in her element because it looks too unnatural but thats just what it is unfortunately. Fans still love her, she still getting money… Miley did the same ish etc and look at her now. Lol she confused.

I agree with all of you I think she should really do her research before making choices like that. White people always try to take up space and use different parts of others culture to advance themselves or make them look like they “woke” or “down”. She was already successful and there’s no need to do too much or extra like.On top of that Hip Hop is lifestyle not a hobby. 

I think she stick to her roots or go find them. She taking it a lil far and I think white people should stop getting passes for cultural appropriation. Like take that one L #dearwhitepeople 

Comment below your thoughts & comments ! 


5 thoughts on “Girl get Your Life 

  1. Jenna Prosceno says:

    I am not going to disagree with you here at all. But since we are calling out cultures for things and you clearly used “white people” so I feel safe to ask a question that’s been on my mind for a long time; why are black neighborhoods unsafe and unclean? Instead of worrying about culture appropriation, maybe it’s time to instead use that energy to sweep the sidewalk in front of one’s house, stop having people get caught in gun crossfires and care about where one lives.

    Just a thought #dearblackpeople


    • builtbyflaws says:

      Thank you for commenting your question and statement below, but we just want to acknowledge that we are talking about Hip-Hop Culture. The question you posed is irrelevant to the blog post, but we will be happy to answer the question for you.

      All black neighborhoods and communities of black folks are not unsafe and unclean, so you have to move away from that stereotypical ideal. Moreover, there are white communities that are unsafe and unclean, but people do not take those place into account now do we ? In addition, the redlining and the disenfranchisement of black communities and families go beyond that poor living that is linked to income and to education inequality all a result of white supremacy.

      In addition, many people within the black communities focuses and put their energy into other things to build up our communities. Just because you do not hear about it does not mean that it is not happening. As young women of color we understand the certain conditions placed upon us that is something you will not understand . But you do need to understand that just because some folks are not sweeping the streets of Harlem does not mean that we do not care about where we are from or where we live. We for one see ourselves as Black women in Black Culture that are very successful and working toward becoming even more successful in the “Greatest county of all”, america.

      Now we ask you, “How many times a week do you sweep your sidewalk?, How woke are you to know that large companies use urban communities as dumping grounds ? and What does culture appropriation have to do with communities ?”.

      Now as far Hip-Hop Culture, KATY PERRY IS TRYING TOO HARD and that’s, that. You agreed with that.

      Just a response #dearwhitepeople


      • Jenna Prosceno says:

        I don’t have time to read your entire message but I did glean it over. I don’t mean to insinuate that all black neighborhoods are unsafe, but then you probably didn’t mean to imply that not all white people who stand crooked in front of black people are culturally appropriating. However, I live in Wilmington Delaware which was recently named the most dangerous small city in America and our population is 34% white to 58% black. So you can see how statistics “paint the picture” for us.

        To answer your question about cleaning, I sweep my sidewalk, porch, and part of my neighbors sidewalk daily. I wash the outside of the windows 2x per month, and the grass gets cut once per week. As far as your statement, “But you do need to understand that just because some folks are not sweeping the streets of Harlem does not mean that we do not care about where we are from or where we live”… yes it does. That’s exactly what it says…that you don’t care. You don’t care how it looks ,you don’t care about property values, you don’t care about bringing in small businesses, you don’t care. You don’t care how loud you scream at each other and your kids as you walk down the street, you just don’t care. Anyone who doesn’t take care of anything says that it’s not important. On some level you understand this or you wouldn’t have written the book that you did as a response.

        Speaking of corporate dumping grounds, again, I own a home in Delaware in a city where 75% of the Fortune 500 companies are incorporated because of our Chancery Court…I can tell you that it isn’t the corporations sweetheart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen black men or children throwing their trash on the ground as they are walking. Are their poor “white trash” neighborhoods that are dangerous? Sure there are. I get that.

        As far as how this comment is relevant to your post, it isn’t. I just thought we were venting about


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