Just because it Summer , the Grind DOES NOT STOP 

Yes finally summer is approaching, but that does not mean our grind has to stop. The weather can make you carefree, but do not stop chasing whatgou believe in our checking off your future accomplishments. 

Goals of BBF Members :

Getting engaged, transitioning my first business, starting my second business, and buying a house with my soon to be fiancée before we get married …. 

Well for me I’m trying to get my license, and finish all my major courses for my major as well as take my first trip out of the country(nowhere big but it’s a start)

I think for me, I’m just going to keep my eyes on the prize with making & saving money so I can travel not just for business but for traval vacation 😂❤

Yes saving money 😩

My goals are to gain my weight back that I loss, get my license, become finically stable, and make an effort to go out more to meet new ppl 


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