Kiaina’s Garden 


There are some moments in life that we chose to forget or at least try to forget. For a long time I took moments that I did not want to deal with, and suppressed them deep down because they hurt too much to think about. Now that I’m in college and find myself more alone I think more and more about the things that hurt me. I never knew how to express myself at all, but I am a vocal person. I just always thought I would be weak if I showed people how they hurt me. Because of everything that I have been going through I have decided to push myself to deal with these issues because I no longer want to think about them negatively I want them to only be things that have built me into a stronger person. I decided to make these thoughts and memories into a garden in my head. The reason why I decided to make these things into s garden is because a garden needs light and nurture, and at this point in life I’m ready to open up more to deal with these issues. My garden is the most beautiful place and now I go there to seek solace especially while here at school. To have started to free my mind of the negativity I find myself waking up earlier, and even appreciating more things around me. I encourage you all to take the negative memories you have and try to turn them into something that gives off light and growth.

Entry : Kiaina

P.S. China colored in this beautiful drawing that her friend did for her.


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