Summer Time Fine 

Summer time is coming ya’ll and I seriously. And ya know I’m HYPE 💃🏾 anyways this means that we all have to set some goals for the summer. 

Here’s are goals for the summer time: 

Study for the MCAT 😩

My summer time goals are to attend more women events ( networking) , exploring NYC like seriously this year and most importantly get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. 

Take a sketch workshop/class; get my second business going, wholesale license, branding for business #2, reworking business #1 chance of plans for that and Laying on somebody’s beach working on my melanin lol .

I’m honestly trying save money and work. I’m crossing my fingers that my interviews go well this week, so that I can stay on campus! I also want to practice a healthier diet and just GLOW✨ baby.

Goals: eat well, work, save money & stunt on my senior year.

What’s your GOALS baby ?! Comment below !!! 


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