“C’mon Sis”- Ashley Ammons 

So last week one of our soul sisters AshleyScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.29.10 PM.png blessed theBloxTv with the #Comeonsis segment on the Top 5 Dudes to Stay Away From. Ladies we all know that season is coming around so be aware and stay away from these dudes at all cost.

Baby Girl goes in to tell us the Top 5 Dudes to Avoid Ever since you know cuffing season is about to be over.

Top 5: 

  1. The F**k Boy
  2. Baby Daddy
  3. Momma’s Boy
  4. The Gamer
  5. The Scammer


Of course, Ashley inspired us to check ourselves and see what dudes we will be staying away from. Now we ain’t make a list, but we definitely has description for you on the dudes we will be staying away from

  • I’m staying away from everyone personally because I feel like a lot of people are thinking more like they wanna have fun and I noticed putting myself in situations that are fun May last a long time and that’s not health
  • HOOD N*GGAS at ALL cost !!!
  • 1 : any dude that says “when you coming to see me ” 2: “you just seem so motivated it’s so attractive ” .. well the first one for obvious reasons but the second one probably seems weird that I’m avoiding those guys . But those guys are usually the ones with no goals or plans that are currently doing nothing productive with their lives & just seem like they just want to take me off my focus. My 3rd one : those guys who feel like they’re entitled to everything . Which amazingly are usually the book smart ones that had a lot handed to them in life . And they just expect every girl to want them
  • “Ayo ma with the (inserts an item I have on at the moment)”

    “Damn, yo what’s your name”

    *Starts walking with me*
    “Where we going?”

    There’s more but those are the three that irk my soul 😭I just hate the idea of meeting guys on the street.

  • Baby Daddies, yes lord stay away from them. They come with to much, he might be fine and his personality maybe bomb, but his baby mother just might like the idea of him moving on. More importantly, he might not be ready to move on and like my best b*tch always say, ” A dude aint going to buy the cow, if he’s getting the milk for free”. Stay away girl stay away! 

Thank you Ashley for inspiring us to avoid and to stay away from those dudes. Comment below the dudes that you will be avoiding at all cost this upcoming Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter !!!


3 thoughts on ““C’mon Sis”- Ashley Ammons 

  1. Thembekile says:

    I’ll be avoiding a dude that says ” Let’s not define things and go with the flow” noooo like this entirely a definition of confusion and we can’t be outchea holding hands deep into such confusion and a dude who doesn’t support my craft or my dreams rather, inspire me to keep me.

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