Follow Me to Happiness 

We see so many people just in a day. But do we ever stop to think if these people are going through anything, or if that person truly has a smile on their face; because, they are happy. For the past month, I have been struggling with being happy. Being away at college has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and it has not gotten easier despite me being here for now three years. I just started to think how do I pull myself up, and get back to being truly happy, and I realized the only way to do that is by stepping back and finding myself. I have started to think about what makes me happy, who makes me happy, and how I want to be happy moving forward. 

For this thoughtful Thursday I do just want to encourage those that are not happy to know you are not alone, and take some time to find you. I have not found who I am as an individual yet, but I am starting at the bottom which i’m okay with. Get rid of all the toxic in your life, but do it in the right way. I am owning all of my flaws and things i have done wrong, and that has helped me get on the road to true happiness.


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