I’m that Girl

Hey Miss Lady,


I know these past fews months have been very difficult for you, but I am writing this letter to you to let you know that all of this is just a test of your strengthen. Don’t allow these obstacles to determine who you are as a person. I know it’s been very hard because you don’t know exactly what is wrong with you. It’s not depression, but it’s not happiness either. You are just upset with yourself because you don’t have control of what is going on. I know you are always the one to be organized and to be aware of what is going on. This is driving you crazy because you just don’t have a handle on things. It seems as if your academic, love and health life is where it should not be. Well, let me tell you something, your grades DO NOT define the intelligence you hold in that brain of yours. You never were a good test taker to begin with, but you always found your strengthens to succeed. It always tends to give you anxiety, but just try your best and study your best. For your love life, girl you are beautiful, smart, outspoken and so much more. DO NOT chase anyone, let them come to you. If they want to be with you or be in your life, they will make the time to be there. Guys tend to be jerks. Well, not all of them, but sometimes women tend to know what they want more than guys do. You only 21 though so like you need to have a little fun, date around a little. For your health lifestyle, you are never going to become health if you don’t do it for yourself and put your mind to it. You have to dig deep and pull out that dedication. I know you want beautiful skin that glows, so learn how to eat a little better my darling love.

Take a minute or two right now and reflect on all the greatness that you have accomplished. Stop dwelling on the negative aspects of life. You are just so powerful and I think you be forgetting that. Like pick that crown up and shine baby girl. You are everything and so much more. I just hate that you bring yourself down sometimes. You know the potential you have so live up to it. Did you forget that you inspire people to love themselves every single day? Did you forget how much your family adores you for being so outspoken ? Did you forget how much your nephew loves you and thinks you are the best titi in the world ? Did you forget that your smile brightens up your own day? Did you forget that you are living life and life is about making mistakes and learning from them ?

Don’t forget to be you



Entry: Tanaya 

Written on 03/29/2017 | Published 04/06/2017

P.S. I am progressing and I am not in a more positive state of mind 💕


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