A Flawed Story…


Chidera Valery,  a Nigerian student studying  English literature and law, loves to play badminton and volleyball. She does part-time modeling with a clothing brand. She is also a writer and an artist.  Chidera is a very tall chocolate skinned lady. 

Chidera flaw is that people thinks she is a snob.People tend to judge what they don’t know and understand. She is a little on the quiet side and keeps a little amount of friends in her circle.  Having a lot of friends is not an achievement, but the true achievement is having a true friend. Chidera considers herself to be a principled person who loves to do things that suits her kind of person ,so that is why people see her as a snob. 

Chidera has accepted her flaw because she  knows she is not a snob. She tries to give room for people who wants to be around her the chance to understand her better and know that she is just being reserved not snobbish. She has even played the role of a sister’s keeper to her cousin who had a heart break. Being her cousins shoulder to lean on, her cousin realized that Chidera is actually a loving person.

Chider’s Advice,” I advise that no matter your flaw you can make a positive impact in the life of someone else around you.Learn to adjust a little,rigidity paves a lonely path.Be a “sister’s keeper” if you are doing the right thing in life don’t change because of the labels people give you in the end they are meaningless”. 



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