A Flawed Story…


 Edithe is originally from Tanzania, but currently live in Atlanta. She is a student at a private school in Newtown, Pennsylvania called George School. Edithe is really interested in being a mentor to younger girls who’ve been victim of bullying, have appearance issue, and those who currently are having trouble with finding self love. She has been recently trying to start a non- profit organization for about three months now and hopefully it should be up and running before the age of 19.

Growing up, Edithe struggled with acne, validation and finding self-love. She has had acne since fifth grade. It’s always been hard to make friends , and we all know how picky girls can be about their friend groups. Due to the bullying of her acne, she lost confidence in herself. The lost of confidence began to effect her grades and the way she acted. It wasn’t until 8th grade, where she started to not care about what people had to say about her acne. She remembers two months before her 15th birthday looking at herself in the mirror saying,“ Damn girl that pimple kinda looks cute”. After that day, she realized that she wasn’t going to let her acne take over her life. Edithe realized at that moment she had accepted herself for who she is and will be .

However, Edithe had to realize that she couldn’t change what’s not in her control only that things that she did have control over.  Washing her face twice a day for the rest of her life was something that she was in control. She noticed that once was her biggest flaw because it almost sent her to the grave way before she could live to her full potential. She has accepted it by not making too much of it. “If you constantly worry about the pimples on your face that leads to stress which leads to more acne. Stop stressing yourself about the way you look. It’s all about how you look on the inside, are you gentle , kind, respectful, supportive ? Those are a couple of the things that really matter in life. As you get older you notice that there will always be someone who’s smarter, prettier, kinder than you. You just have to do you because at the end of the day you’re doing this for you not them.  I’ve accepted it and I’ve continued to make the most out of my life and maybe try to make up for the time lost while struggling with this flaw” (Edithe). 

Edithe’s Advice, “I’m basically  advising you to be the most beautiful person that you are capable of being. Don’t let negative people show and imply their flaws onto you,  because trust me they will. People can only do what you allow them to do. Just love yourself and just know I love you and I’m always a dm away if anyone needs me”. 

Instagram : @Edithe.rose


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