Payback ?


Our Girl Chat Discussion Today :

BBF Leader: Today I want us to talk about how do you move on from situations or people that are toxic within your life. How do you forgive ? Do you even forgive or do you seek from for vengeance ? What is the best thing to do in a situation where you are feeling broken and lost but want the person to feel the same way as you ?


  • Sometimes forgiving can be really hard. I know it can be really hard for me, so sometimes I just remove the toxic person or thing from my life by taking a few steps back. Realizing who I am and then reevaluating. I forgive them eventually because I know that it will better me in the end. Vengeance will only lead to more and more thirst to hurt the other person or thing. There isn’t a reason to continuously go after them.
  • I know karma works in mysterious ways so I always leave the situation up to karma to fix what has occurred to me. I hurt because I do like to get apologizes from people, but I understand that everyone is as capable of saying sorry or owning up to their wrongs like I do. I like to end things on good terms, but sometimes I just have to walk away without the goodness or telling the person I have to move on. When I am hurting, I always want the person to feel the pain I am feeling, but wishing hurt and pain on someone else will never make the situation better or you feel better as a human being.
  •  I forgive; it wasn’t always easy for me but I believe there is a punishment for all things; what you put out is what is given back and however that person reaps what they have sown will be on them as far as “getting revenge” since I’m a Christian I don’t seek revenge I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought about it but I don’t seek it out or pursue revenge because that punishment will fall back on me and I don’t want stop my own blessings .For me I just have a hard time not wanting to call people out even if it’s after the fact; like anything that person does is now questionable to me .But I also don’t want to let anger or animosity prevent me from living my best life so if the chances arises to dish it out (for closure) then I’ll take it if not I just push past and do better as a person. 

We will love to hear and to read your responses to the above questions asked by the BBF Discussion Leader Today . Have a great week and weekend.


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