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So this month Built by Flaws and Beautifully Flawed dedicated February to express and to teach self love and self care. I hope you all enjoyed this amazing journey with us. True and believe I learned so much from this month that will stick with me forever. Thank you to all of you that participated in this month with us. Most importantly shout out to those who participated in our 4 day Self Love Giveaway on Instagram !!! Make sure you go check out our Self Care Sunday Tips if you didn’t get to read up on them.

Here are the Questions & Answers for our 4 Day Self Love Giveaway :

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Self love is taking time to love yourself with no apology. Self love is catering to your needs and putting your happiness first 😊 ( @vivalavetta)

Self love is when you love yourself for you when you realize you are good enough also when you like yourself in your own skin and realize you don’t have to change for anybody because u are beautiful being yourself ( @kenz_the_great)

Self love, to me, is when you Can be surrounded by people who criticizes everything from how you look, talk, walk, love ect and you can still be as jconfident as ever! When you look in the mirror you can see everything you love about yourself what others think of you and the things you love and do doesn’t bother you, it has no effect on you Because your happy with yourself✨ ( @saucyyyyy.vibes)

Self love is also self compassion. Understanding that you’re human & you’re unique & despite what may be seen as flaws & setbacks in others eyes is okay because that makes you who you are individually & your journey is yours to own & love.( @morgan.simone_)

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I do my hair, exercise, mani & pedi’s, take a nap, do makeup and let go of ish outta my control. ( @Commentdatrulovelee1)

Exercise and try to eat right ( @rosefromconcrete856)


Every morning, I look in the mirror, smile at myself. Say good morning beautiful and then make a silly and laugh. (@cjay_marie)

I MAKE time for what truly makes me hAppy! Whether it is doing something for myself or others because I find that brightening people (I care for) days brings me joy. I listen to African songs, bust a move here and there, clean because it helps me get my mind of of stressful things and it puts me at peace when my place is clean. I facetime my @marlyj10 who truly knows how to put a smile on my face. A nice hot shower helps too. I also do my best to remain positive! I tend to repeat what I like most about myself in order to remind myself that I am great! (@penneyjade)

For me its all new but I make sure the little things I do during the day are to admire myself. Meditation for me is doing anything creative such as cooking a styled breakfast. I sometimes take a little longer some mornings carefully doing my makeup. I make the look reflect how I feel on the inside. In the night my self care is just moisturizing my skin, looking at every inch and smiling and appreciating the different hues and curves my body has. Self love to me is taking the time out of my day to admire myself. Stress may come and people may not always be pleased with me but just pampering and reminding myself that I am phenomenal gives me a reason to share my love with others. (@irie.shayshay)

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God, my mom and my friends. It’s still a process but we are still growing!! ( @ilove_ihate)

God, parents, family and mentors and yes still a process 😊 (@jordy.mae)

Myself through reading and listening to podcasts (@shan_tellie_)

@butterfly.ale and God. First it was my mother. She showed me that if you dont love yourself how can you love someone else. My mom would always tell me im beautiful, and told me to smile at my self in the mirror. Then it was God. I didnt know a couple years back that God made us in his image. This then told me that I have always and will always be beautiful. We all will.  (@cjay_marie)

My parents, my sisters, my beloved role models and my supportive friends! They always make sure to remind me how blessed I am and how amazing my support system is. (@penneyjade)

I would definitely say the people who hurt me the most. Throughout middle school I was picked on & teased because I didn’t know how to do my hair, I had ugly clothes, & I was so skinny. & in high school the ones I loved the most constantly hurt me & put me last. In that pain came growth. I got tired of classmates teasing me so I began to watch YouTube videos to get into clothes & putting cute outfits together & learning how to do my hair. & in high school I realized my relationships/friendships that were constantly bringing negativity & toxicity into my life were a reflection of the relationship I had with myself. I wasn’t confident & I sought validation by the love others gave me, but once I realized that wouldn’t work I began to put myself first & love myself & in doing that I was able to let go of harmful relationships & attract good things & not settle for less because I knew what I deserved. ( @morgan.simone_)

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It’s okay to struggle and pause as long as you never stop loving yourself (@shan_tellie_)

I would say it’s going to be okay. It may seem like a long process but nothing worth having comes easily. Put down the social media, or at least cut out the negative followers, because it’s just a huge comparison game. & to love yourself & the process & to be intentional about your growth & self love. Realize that you are perfect in your imperfections because your creator made no mistakes & that everything about you from your character, personality, to so called flaws make you different & sets you apart from everyone else & that’s why you should love everything about them.Also to treat/celebrate yourself, do things you love, & take care of/pamper yourself in whatever way you see fit, big or small, because when you look good, you feel good! . ( @morgan.simone_)

Don’t do things in life to satisfy others, do it for you. Satisfy your own needs and you would find that loving yourself will come very Easily. Don’t let the negative absorb in you, be a reflector send it back to the sender and cover yourself with a body of armor. Love Yourself cause if you don’t, who will. 😍😘💪❤ ( @rollingmd247)

Just because the month is over does not mean you stop loving and caring for yourself . Remain positive and focused on loving every inch of you inside and out. Love always Built by Flaws & Beautifully Flawed .


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