A Flawed Story…


Jaiden Patterson from Maryland really does not do much, but she tries new things to see what will leads to her happiness. 

Confidence is her flaw because  a lot of people will constantly tell her that she was fat, ugly or looked like a pig, (which is a lie because look how beautiful she is !). People tried to bring her down when she wanted to sing or when she started dancing. The actions and judgements of our people just messed up her completely. 

Jaiden has accepted her flaw by thinking about how much she lets people influence her life and her happiness. She is done letting that happen to her. She will do what she wants,wear what she wants, and no one can make her feel bad about it as long as she feels great about it. “These people shouldn’t have an affect on me”.

Advice from Jaiden, ” You should always be yourself and don’t let anyone live your life. You don’t know how long you got so you might as well make your own decisions and enjoy it. If these people are not paying your bills, feeding you, or buying you clothes. If these people have no place in your life then whatever they say shouldn’t bother you because at the end of the day everyone can live their life how ever they want to live and be whatever they want to be”. 

Instagram : @trxp.jai


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