To be a Woman…


To be a woman …

Deep down inside I always question myself on who I am. I am caring, loving and adorable lol. I tend to put my energy in others to get the amazing energy back. But sometimes i realize that putting myself first is better than putting others before me. To be a woman is to me is to love myself deeply so others know how to love, care and respect me in every single aspect. I use to think I was living to give back all my mother has given to me , but I learned to live for me so I can give back. If I am not true to myself how can I be true to anyone else. Being a woman is so complex but so wonderful at the same time.

To me now in this unbalanced emotional phase I’m in I feel like being a women is owning everything even the things that hurt you and made you feel weak.

Being a woman is a role that is forever being played. It is something that you become and develop into. It is being able to create life and nurture and protect it with your body. Being a woman is must constantly prove themselves or accept that they don’t need to. Being a woman is strength and dedication. It is perseverance and acceptance. Being a woman is what we do flawlessly.

Being a woman is honestly sometimes difficult like when we were trying to love ourselves so we are able to love the people around us. We are caring, nurturing, strong, hard workers and of course beautiful. We also have big hearts which why we always give whether it’s physically or emotionally. Being a woman comes with obstacles but also comes with a lot of rewards too like giving life.

What is being a woman mean to you ?




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