The Mac to my Cheese 

I mean I write about them all the time, but I mean they are my best friends. They bring so much joy , energy and love to my life. They saw me grow in many different ways. I mean I knew them since 4th grade. Seeing them this weekend showed me how much I truly missed them and love being around them. I mean this was a weekend of turn up and love.

I want to thank you two ladies for holding me down whenever I need you two. Kiaina you are my hot head while Akeda is my cooler. The jokes the laughs and the tea we share with each other is just powerful. Our group chats be on point ! Oh and did I mention how much ya support me when it comes to BBF. I mean I can go on and all about thank you all but I don’t want to lol .

Thoughtfulness of this post is to always take pride in your friends and make sure your surround yourself around people that bring you out of the funk.

This photo though lol I mean it could have been a little better but we looked super good this week. Check out our Instagram to see the slayage we were sevring 💕


Kiaina : @ki_stacks 

Akeda : @keedz___ / @beatbykeeda

Tanaya : @be.tanaya

Entry : Tanaya 

P.S. Built by Flaws is creating a video about the beauty of women. If you are interested, please send your video in to by Sunday, Feb 26th answering the following questions : 

  1. Why are women beautiful ? 
  2. Why are you beautiful ? ( for women to answer only ) 

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