“Hookup Culture”


So you’re at a party with some friends and the music is blasting…the DJ is playing all the right songs. One of your friends disappear and then you catch a glimpse of her making out with someone that she doesn’t know…..what’s happening?? Here’s what some of the ladies thought..

“Hookup culture to me is basically going out finding someone you are attracted to and kissing them or making out with them for hours you know. Being a college student hookup culture tends to be huge. People will go to parties start dancing with someone and the next thing you know they tonguing each other down.”

“..Hook culture is a grey term and means different things to people but to me it’s kissing, touching, and even lead to having sex. It’s a huge thing across campuses and on small ones it’s become the talk of the weekend. I also think it’s a juicy topic because I believe for the most part humans low key enjoy getting the tea about others. But I agree it can be messy and unhealthy sometimes. However this is just an observing opinion lol because I’ve never engaged in that but I always wanted to know what it meant and who actually engage in it”

Is there a difference between the genders in hookup culture?

“In my opinion, I feel like if both parties say it’s gonna be strictly hooking up then it’s whatever but usually that’s not the case. Just based on experience and observation, I think it’s easier for girls to become attached whereas it is just another “fling” for a lot of guys who aren’t trying to be tied down”

“I also agree that hookup culture is dangerous based on my own experiences; i 100% agree with the fact that it affects us men and women spiritually mentally and emotionally and that’s why a lot of us are where we are as adults as far as relationships are concerned”

Society has such an influence on our lives and hookup culture is definitely something undefined yet defined…we know what it is, but do we know how we feel about it?


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