Self Care Sunday:2.19.2017


To another week of Self Care tips for YOU. This week I got some verbal self care tips for you. They all kind of fall under the same umbrella, but they all work!

Mirror Activity : Stand in front of a mirror and say as many positive things about yourself in that mirror. Make sure to look yourself in the eyes and say those words LOUD & PROUD. I am beautiful…amazing… passionate…brilliant…pretty…colorful…outspoken. Tell yourself what you love about yourself and that’s all.


I am talking to ME : I have this ideology or maybe I heard it from someone else lol, but anyway when you speak words into existence without doub. Speaking the words into existence makes you commit yourself to the act. So whenever you doubt your abilities tell yourself I CAN DO IT. Never say you can’t do something and then make an excuse on why you can’t do it.

It’s okay to say NO : Use that voice of yours to say no sometimes. You do not have to be a yes woman/man when it comes to things. If you do not want to do something or know you can’t do something for someone, say no.

tumblr_n18yhv5yu41tox46co2_r3_250.gifTook the words right out my mouth: Sometimes poets and singers take the words right out of our months and speaks on the exact emotions we are feeling. Take the time to recite a motivational poem or sing at the top of your lungs to a song that brings inspiration.

I hope that these two tips help you to verbally take care of you. If you have any verbal self care tips, please feel free to share them below in the comment section.


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