What is Life ? 

So now that I am back at school , I have been having a very hard time adapting back to the environment. Last semester , I had the opportunity to study aboard in Lima, Peru. It was amazing, but it did not really feel as if I was in school. It was unstructured in a way because I had one class a day and I traveled a lot. Classes didn’t seem as hard as I imagined them to be. Coming back to Connecticut College has been a shell shocker because my classes are so intense well they feel intense. I am forever doing homework. I never feel as though I have free time to just chill the freak out. 

Basically what I am trying to say is if you do not schedule our time for yourself and “me time” , you will freaking drive yourself crazy. You will feel like everything is out of control. You can’t constantly work your brain. You can’t expect yourself to gain all this amazing information if you don’t give your brain time to rest.

Take a step back . Take a breathe and cool out .

Entry: Tanaya 


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