A Flawed Story…


Talaya Moore was raised in NYC mostly Harlem, New York. But she was born in Montgomery, Alambama. She is currently a senior studying mass communication at SUNY Oneonta. She is concentrating particularly in production and she attends to pursue a career along the lines of broadcast, talkshow host, and SNL type performances. Talaya has 3 jobs. She’s a waitress at UNOs in Manhattan NY. Also when she is away at school she works in a cafe and a gym. Some hobbies Talaya has is making wigs, dancing, and being a host on one of her campuses television shows. She plans on graduating this May and will begin working on my upcoming YouTube channel that will feature videos of hair tips, story time, and much more.

Talaya flaw is not feeling like she is enough.This is her flaw because she believes that she allows the world around her and past experiences bring her down and she always ends up feeling like she could of done more and that she is not enough.

Talaya is accepting her flaw by going day by day grasping the concept that she is the best she can be and that tomorrow always allows an opportunity for change.

Talaya’s Advice, “I would tell her to look in the mirror everyday and observe your body, soak in your flaws and embrace it. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and one day will grow to be successful with hard work and dedication. And in time you will one day bring a plethora of joy into another person life”.

IG : @yesihavebigb00bs // Facebook: laylay Mariee




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