It’s a Revolution 

Self love to me means

…that you appreciate who you are whether it’s how you dress, wear your hair or how you are around people. Basically you love you for you and nobody’s opinion determines how you should be. It’s your life so love yourself the way you want to

…to me is like any other love: you love something or someone in a way you can’t see yourself living without them. Self love is similar because you have to love yourself so much that you’ll do anything to better yourself cuz your internal happiness for yourself is what u can’t live without, it is what keeps u positive and going FOR YOURSELF. I express my self love in different ways, but my favorite is writing myself notes in my planner like, “You got this girl, good job, you’re strong, you’re unique, and you’re enough / everything will be alright.”

…putting myself first and always working on myself. Lately I have just been trying to do things that give me a peace of mind so I spend an hour a day alone. I’ve also started to try to pay less attention to my phone because it’s a distraction and social media just makes me question so much.

…confidence and the will to criticize yourself to become better. We are who we are but there’s always room for improvement, so love yourself, pamper yourself, put your goals ahead of anything else, but love yourself enough to reflect and see what can be spruced up🤗.

…to have the ability to praise everything that comes with you as a package. It is about taking time to grow and develop who you are and your goals for self-growth. It is being happy and appreciative/grateful for being uniquely you.

being able to celebrate and be proud of yourself wherever you are in your life, whatever that looks like. Doing your own thing being in your own lane and being okay with that. Not needing someone else to determine how you live or do anything. The ability to see myself how God sees me and to just feed myself positive words, thoughts, anything to make me happy even if I’m the only cheerleader, not waiting on the approval of another to decide it’s okay to love myself .


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