Social Reality 

Have you all noticed just how much times have changed socially. A group of individuals can be sitting in a room all together, and instead of conversing with one another they would all be into their cellphones. In this generation we have lost touch with person to person communication. We will literally see a person and text them instead of going to speak to them, or if we have issues with a person we would much rather talk over text than in person. I hate that it is so hard for us to talk to each other in person; because it is as if we don’t know the correct way to interact with someone. Ask yourself do you know how to hold a stimulating conversation in person with eye contact and without any awkward pauses. If you asked yourself you should have said no because we all honestly don’t. Can we as a community start being on our phones less, and actually start being around people more. I want to encourage you all to start holding conversations in person because it is so important to be social. For the past three weeks I have reflected and saw that this is something I want to work on, so why not encourage everyone else to work on it too. Go out talk to a stranger, say hello to a stranger in passing, and you will notice how good you start to feel. Lets make 2017 the year we bring back in person interactions because lets face it we have lost the real meaning of what it is to be social.

Entry : Kiaina 


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