A Flawed Story…


Mo’Nay Love is from Texas where the sun shines and sweet tea is being sipped on. She loves encouraging young and older women to love their bodies and who they are as a person. Mo’Nay feels like society has brain washed many into thinking we all have to look a certain way to be accepted and to be loved but that’s not true. Everyone wasn’t meant to look the same or be the same. Everyone should love who they are. She tells herself daily be that sunflower in a garden full of roses.

Mo’Nay’s flaw is trust issues because of the bad relationships in her past. She is learning to understand that she can’t put every single person in the same category. She is taking it all a dat at a time to let her past go and to move forward without having a wall built up in front of her. 

Mo’Nay’s Advice, ” You can’t let your past interfere with your present/future. If you have trust issues learn how to take time out for yourself and teach yourself how to let go of the past. Don’t compare each and every person as the same from a bad relationship you have had or may be having”. 

Instagram: @Noonie_regardless Facebook:Noonie Regardless Snapchat:Noonie.lowkey



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