They are Figures in my Life


On December 25th, 2016 , we were blessed with an amazing movie with amazing black women. As we always say representation is KEY. The staring women in the movie was Janelle Monáe , Taraji P Henson, and Octavia Spencer ( as you can see in the photo left to right).Janelle Monáe was casted as Mary Jackson, Taraji P Henson as Katherine Johnson, and Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughn.


I mean we have been waiting for this kind of movie forever that showed us amazing black women at work. The intelligence, dedication, and love shows how powerful black women are. However, with amazing movies there always comes some issues. An article, “Space so White”, written by Dexter Thomas was written on January 25th, 2017 , and this article presented a view that many might not get from the movie. Before reading our feedback of the article, please to read the article and comment below your thoughts,comments or concerns on the article below.


Some BBF’s Thoughts on Space So White Article
My thought was answered in the article, I love vice first of all because it was very unfiltered and “sorry not sorry” approach; but 1. I haven’t seen it just yet and 2. White PEOPLE always need credit for something and to “feel good about themselves” because it’s too much for them to realize that they treated people like shit and sometimes still do. I mean shoot they can’t even fathom the idea that Jesus is black so of course every biblical movie has a white essence to it and all white cast etc because what would it be without white people. I’m over the “let’s walk on egg shells” approach every time they feel some kind of way because none of them treat us with an ounce of empathy when something happens. Of course when I none of them I don’t mean all of them but I mean being black we know … someone always deserved something or there is always justification for it. 
It frustrates me that more people don’t see the problem of whitewashing. The fact that such a monumental moment in black history …that expressed racial tension, oppression and ignorance was STILL whitewashed while trying to tell a story on racism and history…like what🙃
Yeah after reading the article I was really shocked like wow that really occurred in the movie and what pissed me off more was the producer or director who every he is was like so unbothered by the fact that he added untruthful information in the movie because it was a documentary . He stays Atleast someone was doing right but like this lady did good and right on her own my standing up for herself !
Unfortunately this also happens because we have a lot of white directors telling our stories.

But to end this post on a great note, these women are amazing and they did their damn thing in this movie. Congratulations on your Oscar nomination because you all truly deserve it.




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