Double standards…

So I’m having a nice convo with my friend on the couch and we laughing about some one-liner a guy tried to use on me. It was a bad one liner..something about his dad being a lawyer. I was like okayyyyyyy (Waka-Flocka face). Anyway we’re talking about guys and she says ‘you got hoes!!’ And I ain’t disagree ya’ll, but then we started talking about guys ‘having hoes’ versus girls ‘having hoes’.

Now when I say ‘I got hoes’ in no way am I degrading or shaming other human beings, I’m simply using the term. But she brought up a great point.

“Why can guys talk to multiple girls at once and not be slut shamed, but when a girl does’s a problem?”


Double standards are annoying and unfair and sometimes we don’t even realize that we are applying them to our words and actions. On top of that they have the potential to be damaging to both sides and alienate us from each other. As women not being able to feel comfortable expressing our sexuality is oppressive and creates an unbalanced power dynamic between us and men. For men it can also be damaging to constantly have to live up to this standard of being with multiple women in order to impress their friends because they end up just treating us as objects and not being able to have genuine relationships.

So guess what…


Do ya thang girl…whatever your thing the damn thing. Because we cannot live in a world that enforces double standards and be happy and free. If you want to be single and have many guy friends..go ahead..if you want to explore your horizons..why not?

Life is too short to be afraid to live your life.


Entry: Akeda


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