A Flawed Story…

Ana Rosario, is a full time mother to a beautiful girl named Monroe Riley. 8 hours a day she is an “Account Representative”. Ana also known as Annie is Puerto Rican/Cuban. She was born and raised in Spanish Harlem.

Neglect is Ana’s flaw.”I will give my all just to help someone even if it was my last”. She made sure everyone around her was okay, everyone expect herself. ” It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I realize in order for me to raise her to be the best she can be , I had to be her best role model”.

Ana was given a better job opportunity when a friend told her about an opening at her job for data entry. She risked the job she already had to provide a better living for her family. ” I was scared, a million things running through my head but I knew I had put my all and get this job”.

Three years later she was promoted to be an Account Representative.She worked hard and was occasionally blessed with free sample dresses from her Company’s showroom. “Mommy,can we go to the park and give this dress to a girl “. Ana took her daughter idea and together they created a new princess movement called #EveryPrincessNeedsADress.

They go to random locations and hang a dress with a note explaining to the dress drop finder that the dress is a free give away.E.P.N.A.D has made multiple dress drops to schools, non profit events and to families in NYC,Pennsylvania,Puerto Rico,Mexico and Africa.

Advice Ana’s, “Neglecting yourself is just as bad as being neglecting. My advice would be to make yourself a priority from time to time.Nothing could hold you back but yourself”.

Instagram : Ana @lovealwaysmonroe , Monroe @monroerilry_

Facebook : Monroe Riley 


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