Sorry but you will NEVER get this message

So you know when you got a ex and like ya end things but deep down you want to send them a message about how you truly feel. But like deep down you don’t want to send that message because you know the response may not be worth it. Well guess what there is a project called the #unsentproject . The site has an archive of over 34,000 messages. You can actually submit your message to the site. We found out about this project by watching this clip from The Real day time show

During our discussion today we all wrote messages that we would like to send an ex. 

I feel like thank you says all the things I’ve never said to you. We’ve cursed each other out and got all that off our chest but never took time to appreciate the things we taught each other . 

You would be so proud of me, timing was the reason it didn’t work out, also your mom hated me, but just know I’m happy, you did a great job and my new boyfriend treats like you hoped he would.

You were my best friend and lover , but I am so happy that we ended on a great note. You will forever be my friend. Thanks for spoiling me ✨ 

I would say..Hey I still want to be friends. I miss our friendship, but there’s no way for you to know that. 

 You missed out. You realize now what could have been and that’s what you get. 

 Have a nice life ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

Photos are taken from archive.



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