A Flawed Story…


A 20 year old, Camille Johnson, that just moved to New York City to pursue her career of creating videos on YouTube full time. Camille loves beauty, fashion and health, but what Camille is known for is her brightly-coloured curly hair! Her mom is Jamaican and her dad is white, so she enjoys the best of both worlds. Living in New York has enabled Camille to meet interesting new people while pursuing HER dream, and “I absolutely love it!”

Camille’s flaw is introversion. She has always hated being an introvert because she felt like she wasn’t social enough and it prevented her from fully living her life the way she wanted to.

Camille has learned that introversion isn’t a weakness. Instead she views it from a different angle as a strength. She has learned to use it in her favor. Camille doesn’t necessarily have to be shy because she’s an introvert, so she has worked on becoming more confident, social, and putting herself out there to live up to her full social potential, while making sure to give herself the alone-time that she needs.

Camille’s Advice, “I think everyone should embrace who they are, and know that being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an unfulfilled social life. You can work on building confidence and people skills and have dedicated alone time to attend to both needs”.

Instagram: @OffbeatLook // Youtube: Offbeatlook


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