When to Fall Back ? 

So this whole idea of falling back tends to get confusing after a while. Because like if you fall back then the person you falling back from might think that you are pushing away, but then again the fall back might be to give them their space. You do not want to be to pushy when it comes to any kind of relationship, but you do not want to be seating around waiting for something to happen. If you know me, Tanaya, I can be really impatient when I want something to happen or look forward to something happening. 

Me personally I evaluate the situation before I fall back. If I have brought a situation up multiple times , I will fall back to see what change will be made giving the person space . However , if the person has no clue what is up and can’t read my mind , I will speak up. So choose wisely when you want to fall back and separate yourself from others. 

Entry : Tanaya 


2 thoughts on “When to Fall Back ? 

  1. thedailyspeshyl says:

    I totally agree! I struggle with falling back, because once I care, I go hard. I try to see the best in people and have faith in their potential, but most times potential is not enough. Actions always speak louder than words, and it took me a while to realize that.

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    • builtbyflaws says:

      Girl, it seems like we have so much in common. I ride for a person once I start caring. I would always allow their words to replace their actions. But now I be like you gonna appreciate my time I am giving you or I am bouncing which one you want ?!

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