A Flawed Story…


Isaly Holland, a Texan resident that is originally from Chicago, enjoys blogging, photography, beinging on Netflix, and spending everyday fulfilled of laughter.

Isaly’s flaws are body image issues and trust issues. She has had body issues because it stemmed from her family constantly picking on her weight. Isaly has had trust issues because of family as well. She is starting to accept her flaw by staying away from negativity and spending everyday loving her body even more.

Built by Flaw’s a #AFlawedStory has helped Isaly accept her flaw because BBF made her realize she is not alone and everyone has issues. Isaly stated that she tends to now not beat herself about her body, but write advice on ways to love herself on her blog.

Isaly’s advice, “Young Women of Color, there is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with everyone else who cannot accept you for who you are. Always love yourself first”.

Blog: www.memoriesbyisaly.com


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